Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Hurrier I Go ...

It's already the end of the week! Wow, where did that go? "The hurrier I go the behinder I get." could be my mantra but ... no!
After several weeks of feeling puny I finally felt 'in gear' to get 'er done. So much to catch up on and do and more to add to the 'to-dos'. But, I tire more easily than I want so, I've been pacing myself and I could get discouraged so instead ... I have decided today to pause and congratulate myself for my 'ta-da' list.
Let's see:
I taught and had FUN with Sunday night's Bible class
I did all the laundry and put it away pretty much on schedule
I made our bed every day instead of having to return to it
I did my own shopping and cooking this week
I wrote and published a note for 2 of my blogs
I did crafts with the kiddos
I felt good about preparing for last night's small group
I have notes 'ready to go' for all 3 blogs and
I am going to work in the yard (health and weather are finally in agreement!)

Here's a picture of my very relaxed, but targeted, To-Do/Ta-Da agenda I made several years back. I make notes on what I've accomplished in the areas that matter to me at the 'end of the day'. I tried keeping up with 'itemized' year agendas and never did too well and sometimes just ended up feeling guilty.
It's so liberating as a woman - a wife and mom - to just decide to be happy with what was accomplished rather than bemoaning all that wasn't done or still needs to be done.

my 'loosey-goosey' agenda
not 'really' itemized, but helps keep me on track

'course I do have my journals ... one for devo notes and ideas ... and
the pink one (I use purple ink) is my 'dream journal'
As I end my day I'm glad for a day well-spent. Jake and I did work out in the yard, I made a mess of muffins using our very own bananas and we had 5 couples over for the evening. It's been a good week all in all and I am glad tomorrow is Sunday  - I love the Lord's day.
Are you a 'liberated' woman? It's up to you, y'know, just let-go of the guilt for what might've, could've, should've gotten done and concentrate on all you did.



  1. A great lesson to remember, celebrate the accomplishments, and let go the guilt of what didn't get done.

  2. This was a blessing today as I read this post or rather tonight. I have so much to do! I felt sleepy all day long because the dog woke me up early this morning. She won't use her dog house (mentally deranged a bit) and it was pouring rain. We brought her cage in and put her inside. Then she needed out this morning and she slipped out of her collar and I finally got her back with the help of my very loud almost 7 year old. She wore me out. Nice to hear you are getting better what was the matter?

  3. I love the idea of a Ta-da list! I don't know if I'll stick to it, but I'd like to!