Monday, March 19, 2012

I'll Fly Away

Well, at least I can give the semblance of flying away with these cute window sun-catchers! 
God's world is just a wonderful place to be - any time of the year but especially now. For example, 
I love how springtime just makes one more aware of birds ...  at least it does me. I love how all over the world there seems to be birds particular to that distinctive locale. I fell in love with All About Birds and spent way too much time at it the other morning ... at first I was kind of worried the bird calls I was listening to would wake up hubby but then realized the air was filled with the songs of our own morning chorus!
When it came to me making a few 'bird crafts' I researched some of my favorites  ... 
The Bluejay and the Summer Tanager are two I chose who you can readily see Stateside and being mindful of my current backyard, the Yellow Warbler.
the finished birdies hanging in living room window

use pale blue card-stock for cutting bird shapes

use crayon shavings inside wax paper w/ paper towel on top and bottom, melt with iron on med. setting

pretty blue jay!

summer tanager

and yellow warbler
 There's a few other birds I have in mind for a felt bird mobile I am making for one of the grands and also want a couple for myself to hang over my kitchen sink ... stayed tuned, I think they're the next project up ... or maybe 2nd in line. Hmmm.


Friday, March 16, 2012

March - Love This Month!

I love March ... because my mother was born this month. Last year I wrote note to honor my Mom ... the Magnificence of March.  If you want, you can read it again, or perhaps for the first time. I miss my Mom. She was a fine lady and someone I greatly admired.
I love March for other reasons too - it's a month that to me signifies amazing changes are about to happen. I'm not particularly fond of change but I do admit that somethings are better in the changing. I love the swift, brisk March winds ... seeing the clouds rush across the sky is such a delight! I love the new buds and blossoms all about - we truly see nature at its best. 
Here in Honduras we're not really going through a springtime but we've had our share of windy days and unruly weather! I take double joy in my ever present flowers and also, my crafts have have taken on a spring-time quality ... flowers, butterflies and birds that fly so high. 

  Flower for the month of March ... the daffodil!! One of my absolute favorites!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finally - Springtime Crafts!

I finally started my spring craft projects.
I had left the winter items up through February just for the seasonal expression – packed it all away (until I give it away), and took two days to wash my windows before adding some springtime newness. I planned these crafts back in December/January – I have a to-do dream book of stuff to create – and it’s been a joy to actually get a couple of things done.
Here’s the illuminaries I did this week.
I made 6 and used random jars I had been saving - this is a mayo jar. 

I used regular white school glue (watered down just a little) and the lightest blue tissue paper I could find and cut or tore it into little pieces, no more than an inch and half or so.

I used green felt to make the grass and flower stem, and yellow tissue for the flower. This one will go in my son's bathroom.
These are for my 'joy' table - I'll share the finished project - well, when it's finished!

And this one is in place on the kitchen counter. (the final one goes in our bathroom - picture later)
Aren't they just lovely? The thing is we actually have evenings every so often w/out electricity and so these will really be used! Just the way it should be - pretty but serviceable too!
I'm visiting the Rock N Share porch-swing and hopping over to I've Got to Create for her Spring Fling as well.


Seven Quick Quirky Questions

 Definition of quirky: unconventional, non-conformist, far-out, offbeat, way-out. 
Now let's have some FUN!
In just a few words let's see who’s the quirkiest!
1.      What is your favorite crazy/funny movie?
2.      What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? (or still eat!)
3.      What do you think is the coolest invention in your lifetime and why?
4.      What’s the quirkiest clothing you’ve ever worn?
5.      What three things do you always carry in your purse? (this is besides the obvious wallet and keys)
6.      Where would you go on your a vacation if $$ were not an issue?
7.      It’s 2 a.m. and you’re not asleep, what are doing? 

Me? Well, I’m really not that quirky
I really like The Gods Must Be Crazy ... I *lol* no matter how many times I've seen it!
I love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches (Thanks Dad)
Skype is the best ever - in a foreign country and still get to see the grands!
Sandals that laced up to my knees and a peasant dress. I was 15.
Pencil, small notebook, and lip gloss.
The Greek Islands!
I think this is the perfect time for a little plate of olives and cheese, a few pieces of celery, carrot or cucumber, a couple of crackers, cuppa of hot tea, and a good read!

Okay, now it’s your turn – leave me a comment with your own 7 quirky answers!!