Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finally - Springtime Crafts!

I finally started my spring craft projects.
I had left the winter items up through February just for the seasonal expression – packed it all away (until I give it away), and took two days to wash my windows before adding some springtime newness. I planned these crafts back in December/January – I have a to-do dream book of stuff to create – and it’s been a joy to actually get a couple of things done.
Here’s the illuminaries I did this week.
I made 6 and used random jars I had been saving - this is a mayo jar. 

I used regular white school glue (watered down just a little) and the lightest blue tissue paper I could find and cut or tore it into little pieces, no more than an inch and half or so.

I used green felt to make the grass and flower stem, and yellow tissue for the flower. This one will go in my son's bathroom.
These are for my 'joy' table - I'll share the finished project - well, when it's finished!

And this one is in place on the kitchen counter. (the final one goes in our bathroom - picture later)
Aren't they just lovely? The thing is we actually have evenings every so often w/out electricity and so these will really be used! Just the way it should be - pretty but serviceable too!
I'm visiting the Rock N Share porch-swing and hopping over to I've Got to Create for her Spring Fling as well.



  1. Hi Robin Lynn,
    Love your cute luminaries, nice job, I just love burning candles in the house and it is nice having them be contained like that so you don't need to worry about the flame. they are springtime sweet!

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  2. These are so happy and sweet! And like you, I love projects with a purpose. Thanks so much for linking up!
    Spring Fling linky party

  3. I do like those luminaries! I'm your newest follower!!!

  4. Hi Robin and thanks for swinging by The Shady Porch! I'm glad to 'see' you! I'm always happy when you get a chance to drop in! You've always got something wonderfully encouraging to say! I'm glad you joined the party and shared your luminaries...they're delightful! Isn't spring a great time! I'm sure you'll enjoy them for their practicality and their loveliness. Blessings, my friend.