Monday, March 19, 2012

I'll Fly Away

Well, at least I can give the semblance of flying away with these cute window sun-catchers! 
God's world is just a wonderful place to be - any time of the year but especially now. For example, 
I love how springtime just makes one more aware of birds ...  at least it does me. I love how all over the world there seems to be birds particular to that distinctive locale. I fell in love with All About Birds and spent way too much time at it the other morning ... at first I was kind of worried the bird calls I was listening to would wake up hubby but then realized the air was filled with the songs of our own morning chorus!
When it came to me making a few 'bird crafts' I researched some of my favorites  ... 
The Bluejay and the Summer Tanager are two I chose who you can readily see Stateside and being mindful of my current backyard, the Yellow Warbler.
the finished birdies hanging in living room window

use pale blue card-stock for cutting bird shapes

use crayon shavings inside wax paper w/ paper towel on top and bottom, melt with iron on med. setting

pretty blue jay!

summer tanager

and yellow warbler
 There's a few other birds I have in mind for a felt bird mobile I am making for one of the grands and also want a couple for myself to hang over my kitchen sink ... stayed tuned, I think they're the next project up ... or maybe 2nd in line. Hmmm.



  1. Love the light shining thru those colors! What a creative idea. I wonder how this would work with circles for a garland or paper chandelier like the one I made out of book pages? Now I HAVE to try it!

  2. I think a felt bird mobile would be lovely - just imagining all the various colour combinations you could use!