Friday, March 16, 2012

March - Love This Month!

I love March ... because my mother was born this month. Last year I wrote note to honor my Mom ... the Magnificence of March.  If you want, you can read it again, or perhaps for the first time. I miss my Mom. She was a fine lady and someone I greatly admired.
I love March for other reasons too - it's a month that to me signifies amazing changes are about to happen. I'm not particularly fond of change but I do admit that somethings are better in the changing. I love the swift, brisk March winds ... seeing the clouds rush across the sky is such a delight! I love the new buds and blossoms all about - we truly see nature at its best. 
Here in Honduras we're not really going through a springtime but we've had our share of windy days and unruly weather! I take double joy in my ever present flowers and also, my crafts have have taken on a spring-time quality ... flowers, butterflies and birds that fly so high. 

  Flower for the month of March ... the daffodil!! One of my absolute favorites!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Change is good and bad in so many ways. Sometimes the bad turns into good. A number of years ago I did some scuba diving in Roatan. I've been to your part of the globe. That is pretty cool! Have a blessed day! Oh, March is when my Grandmother was born. It is a good month.