Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Planets for Emmy

Our Solar System!
I am making a mobile for our oldest grand-daughter ... I hope to get it finished today (Thursday) but it may tomorrow morning before I get it totally done and we're so busy around here it may be next week before I have time to post a note about it... oh well.

Several things come to mind:
  1. I can't believe our Emmy just turned 5!!
  2. Em loves the planets and the solar system is fascinating to her. 
  3. When asked what kind of mobile she wanted for her room ... solar system was 1st choice. 
  4. It's been a long time since I studied anything about the planets.
  5. Pluto used to be a planet - now it's not. :/
  6. I always liked science projects - 'hands-on' is the best way to learn. 
  7. Mobiles are fun!
First I used cardstock to make my planets ... I doubled the paper and cut out 4 small circles, 2 about double that size and then 2 about double that again ... and then one a little bigger for the Sun - oh, and one more, a little smaller than the first 4 - for 'asteroid' Pluto. I cut inside each circle about 1/2 inch to have a rim for the planets I would use for the mobile .... I saved one as a pattern for future use, and the other for the poster I would make.

I used a pencil sharpener and grater for the crayons to get the color for the planets - the sharpener works best.

I use wax paper, folded over my crayon colors with a paper towel top and bottom, iron was set on medium heat. I used a towel on my tile cabinet top - the colors can leak through to your ironing board ( I learned the hard way. :/ )

You can use heavy cardboard (like what comes in frozen pizza) or just cut a circle about a foot across. Find the middle, poke a hole, come out about an inch, draw 4 inner circles, a quarter inch from eachother - this will be for the four inner planets, come out 2 inches and draw 5 more circles, again, quarter inch apart - this is for the outer planets and little Pluto. Place your holes strategically so there will be some balance ... for ex: Saturn and Neptune should be opposite eachother.

I used the same color of acrylic paint to paint the rims, I used silicon glue to close the rims around the wax paper. 
Now,cut string ( any will do, I used a light weight blue yarn) 
One – 5-inch string for the Sun
Four  – 10-inch strings for the four inner rocky planets
Five – 12-inch strings for the four outer giants and little Pluto

 Lace the other end of each string through the correct hole in the large cardboard circle (Mercury goes in the inner orbit, Venus goes in the second orbit, Earth goes in the third, etc.) Tape the end of the string to the top side of the cardboard and then later, knot to secure - maybe add a little silicone to reinforce. I used my embroidery scissors to poke the holes - also, for pushing the string through.

Sun-Catcher Mobile

 I hung it in our upstairs window ... although the day was cloudy you could still see the glow of pretty colors!
Poster of Solar System
I used one of the other sets to make the poster, used the same colors and labeled the planets, so Emmy could identify the planets on the mobile. 

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  1. Grandmas all over will be studying this one! I have two little grandsons who are enthralled by stars and planets - I wonder if I could make this?

  2. Sure you can - it was so fun! I'm putting this in the mail on Thursday and Emmy is as happy as can be!

  3. The solar system sun catcher is SO pretty! Oh my goodness...you've just gotta love a five year old who wants a solar system mobile! You GO, Emmy! {I heard today on the news that Pluto may get a stamp?!}
    Thanks SO much for linking up!
    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party now open!

  4. Just noticed you linked up to Forever Farmgirls Friday and didn't put a link back up. No worries, but could you put one up?


  5. Beautiful mobile!!! What a fantastic idea, love the shaved crayons idea. The poster is awesome too. Found you at Kiss Me I'm Irish I Gotta Create!.

  6. wow! I'm impressed. The mobile and the poster are both terrific!

  7. wonderful.. always see these projects and feel inspired to do them but never get around to it.. visiting from Alphabe,,

  8. Holy my goodness. I'm bookmarking this idea.

    I hope I can find time to attempt something like this for each of my Grandlittles!


    Absolutely. Love. Love. This. Idea!

    Thanks for a particularly inspiring link to the letter 'P'.