Friday, April 20, 2012

What In The World?!

I haven’t been on my Road for over a month now! Yesterday marking one month exactly … what in the world???
Well, I’ve been busy and I’ve not done any personal crafts … kid crafts yes, but nothing for myself. And not really tried any new recipes … you know when your busy and you just cook fast, get it done meals? And the busyness left me tired and in the catch-up mode in my housekeeping. Excuses? Reasons?
Anyway, today, I’ll jump back in the saddle and get ‘er done!
And hey, today is a day of celebration and there is definitely something worth sharing … like today is the birthday of the love of my life.
I am so very, very thankful that I am blessed and highly favored by the heavenly Father to have this special man as my partner on life’s road. We’ve shared thousands of ups and downs and have been so many places in the world. The trek isn’t always easy but when we struggle the hardest, we do it hand in hand. The highpoints have been innumerable as well … there’s so many times when we’ve been down in a deep, dark valley and then, hiked upward thinking  we couldn’t go another step and then … the summit – with fresh, invigorating winds, brilliant sunshine and views of life extraordinaire that the glory of it … well, it leaves you breathless!
Then there times like now, today, when it’s just steady and very, very good.  Yep, life next to a good man is a very fine thing.
Happy Birthday, Love of my Life!
state park near our nc home

in georgia

Rawley farm in NC - 31 year anniversary

at wedding in San Marcos

our home in Santa Rosa

sunset in El Salvador

sunrise in Belize
afternoon in Guatemala


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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I didn't see this until now. I'm not as current of everybody's blogs as I would like to be. You look very happy together.