Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Too Long ...

I've been away from here a little too long ... but it's never too late to begin again. (at least not in my book, on my road) It really has been hard to get started back to the routine of anything but I think of time on here like I think of my time with good friends - you know, some folks are just such soul friends that it doesn't matter how much time goes by, you sit down side by side and pick up like it was yesterday. I have a slew of those special folks and due to life and the stories we're all creating, some of those friends are scattered all over the world.
But, here I am today ... so much on my mind that I hardly knew where to begin. I will say that our youngest flew the coop, or left the nest and you can read about those reflections here and because of his leaving it brought about changes and those notes come from my heart right about there. Check them out if you'd like and you'll kinda understand what I've been up to.
Today though I'm sharing something simple, refreshing and lovely.
Sweet, iced green tea with fresh orange juice added to make it perfect. It's part of where I live ... this lovely temperate climate that allows us to have fresh fruit and flowers all year long. 
Would love for you to stop in to share a glass ...
oh, yeah, and hopefully I'll not be a stranger now that I 'broke the ice'.

see these 2 oranges? they're the last off the tree - perfect to squeeze into a pitcher of sweet, green tea!

here's the tree - now loaded with a gazillion new buds which before long will be the prettiest smelling blooms!

clusters and clusters of buds!

our 'normal' lemon tree has bunches of lemons ... eight just right here!

and the big ol' boys never quit - neighbors come regularly requesting these lovelies
hundreds of little hot peppers on our 3 bushes

these 2 little ones will more than heat up a recipe of salsa

our 3rd crop of bananas ... ready to eat in another month or so

and as always flowers from our yard ... the white one there is a straggler hanging on from my Mothers Day bouquet from Jake.



  1. It's such an adjustment, isn't it? I didn't find that I noticed BIG things - rather, the smaller and everyday things. You're right, though, the first part of your job as a mum is over. Believe me though, your Jacob will come back to you and his dad as an adult, looking for adult advice from the people he trusts most, and that will be a lovely moment.
    Another is truly lovely to have all the time you want for the one you loved first!

  2. Hi Robin, That tea looks refreshing. I like to think of my fellow bloggers as adult pen pals. I had a pen pal when I was a child in school and it was so much fun. ~Ames