Monday, July 9, 2012

Just For Today ...

Well, it's been a little while again - not sure when, if ever, I'll get into the habit of writing like I'd like. Life here is steadily different from day to day and don't know from one day to the next if I'll get to do what I plan.
But, just for today, I'm here! Yay!
Amidst the busyness and stuff that’s happening, I wrote on our other blogs - Heart Notes tells of our trip to Belize (one of those things we gotta do) and Reflections tells of our current devotional reading. I have that 'to-do' list I made when Jacob left and I look at it from time to time - really haven't gained a whole lot of 'ta-da' time, but I am ever hopeful - :)
In Belize ... silver was the color theme of our week
each of our 5 days on the ocean found the sky filled with gorgeous, majestic cloud
I’ve been re-thinking priorities for our time here in Honduras – who I still want to do something for, those I still need to visit, who I want to bless with something, what I want to leave finished, what I want to leave so it can be passed along to someone else. Even with the house and the yard – the flowers for example – what I want to re-pot, plant, and love on in a special way.
like, I really want to re-pot these prickly lovelies
part of them will go in this stand and then, there's these other 2 ... hmmm ... it's going to be fun!
I've dried these seeds and they're ready to plant hither and yon
for more of these pretties!!
we hired a gardener to clean up a lot of mega-growth from the yard and discovered these beauties
from the top
and underneath
these cleaned up real nice like
as did these
 I’ve tried to keep up with the Wednesday craft times with the little ones in our neighborhood but for this reason and another they are kind of coming to an end. We had a good 9+ months of activities though, so I take pleasure in what was done – lots of fun and learning times too. Thanks to some visitors in town I have a good number of Bibles in Spanish that I’m giving to the kids – but am trying to personalize them to help them realize how special God’s Word truly is. Unfortunately, sometimes just as soon as I think I’m making progress in teaching the kids a 'better way', making a difference and taking some definite positive steps something will happen that causes me realize there’s a long ways to go. I was brought to sorrowful tears the other day when one of the little ones came back to the house right before heading out the gate, I decided to come back inside and check on her and from the way she was acting asked to look in her bag … she protested strongly which made me have to look and sure enough, she had helped herself to a number of items. Nothing big but, the point was she was stealing without a second thought. I took her bag and put it on the table and let her leave empty-handed. So sad.
 I’ll be going by her house to visit and talk things through in the next day or so and of course, for now, she’s in the middle of my heart and prayers. And yes, I look forward to restoring her bag of goodies - but without 'her' additions - it's hanging on a door-knob waiting to 'go home'.
so cute
and always proud of their work
more than once Ana comes a different day
and each time it's special
On a brighter note, besides our normal small-group studies, we have regular over-night visitors in the house every so often and this week-end is one of those times. I love company! I like the preparations, the gathering times around the table, the discussing of God’s Word and good books, and even the ‘clean-up’ – it’s evidence that we have enough to share of things and love – what a blessing!

Sofia lives up the road from us and loves to come hang out - especially with Anthony - yes, he loves tea parties
yep, she's a sweetie!

Just for today ... that's all folks. See you whenever ... :/


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