Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little Things

Sometimes it's not the big things, but the little things that stand out in a day.
Like this little cute thing ...
about 2 inches long
It's still rainy season. When we have the opportunity, hubby and I like to sit on our balcony in the evening and watch the clouds roll in - so beautiful with their lighting bolts and how they chase around hither and yon in the mighty winds. Well, as Lowell's making his way into the hammock, this little guy hopped on to his lap and then on to the floor of the balcony ... I guess he and others like him just walk up the walls to our second floor because this wasn't the first time we've had to share our view with a little guy. ;)
The next day saw Lowell sharing his parking area with another, albeit larger, little guy.  Horses and sometimes cows, have 'free-roaming' privileges hereabouts - all a part of life in Santa Rosa.
this is looking out our bedroom window
as soon he drove off the pony made an about-face and started back the other direction
Oh! and look: our bananas are ripening rapidly - we shared one this morning at breakfast
Froggies, ponies and bananas ... little gifts that bring smiles ... direct from the Father to remind us of his love.


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