Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Means Fun

Today is a rare and wonderful day. December 12, 2012 or 12-12-12. Pretty cool. I like it and think it's fun - which is kind of what this month is all about - busy, pretty, cheerful, ornamental - it's a happening month! I love the holiday music and singing carols. I love decorating my home and riding around looking at decorations. I love cooking and just all the 'good-eats'. And then, there's the special 'get-togethers' – those unique moments of gathering with family and friends; and the giving - lots of "God-gifts" will be given and Jesus will shine
But back to today ...
I woke up really early this morning and made myself stay in bed until 5:00 - I was so glad to see the zeros roll around so I felt I could just go ahead and get up. My brain was busy. I pushed the start button on the coffee pot and piddled around until I could sit down with a cup and start writing. I ended up writing about 8 pages of thoughts that were just going around in my head. Hubby got up a while later and reminded me of the uniqueness of the day - so, I added a date to my writing. I told him, we each need to do something special to mark today!  I guess my few little words will be my something special.
 But, then I also remembered that last year had a similar day - do you remember what you were doing on 11-11-11? I don't exactly but, I had the day marked in my dream journal and also, wrote a note on here. It was the month of Thanksgiving so, I acknowledged that this way: my November 11, 2011 note. It was neat - just to read that this morning and be thankful Lowell and I are still alive, healthy and able to rejoice in one another.
Here's hoping and praying your 12-12-12 is wonderful ... do something special with it!
I love December, don't you? Have some fun!

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  1. It is definitely a day to be thankful for. My Dad got remarried on 11-11-11 at 11:11 pm in front of the fire in our outside room. December is fun!