Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's Talk Seasons

I am making some plans to reinstate writing regularly on my two blogs – granting I have gone through some big changes; I considered starting fresh on a new blog or two but instead will incorporate my fresh thoughts, ideas and ventures into these existing ones – Reflections from Robin and here. One of the biggest reasons for writing again is that I find I stay more resolute and focused in life when I actually ‘record’ my doings, comings and goings. Also, our youngest son – who now is 19, started journaling for posterity. He wishes he could read and learn from his grandfathers who have long since passed away so he started up writing for his own 'someday' kids and grand-kids - isn't that cool? I am undertaking this for our kiddos, and myself but also, I want to welcome you on the journey of – Robin’s Road.
Just for a moment, let’s talk: Seasons ...
I love the seasons of the year!
We returned the States from Honduras the last week of August and thus were able to enjoy some of the Summer heat. I loved it! Except, the high air conditioning in restaurants and stores makes it inevitable that I go hither and yon with a sweater in hand. Brr! I do not like the coldness in summer! I do love the gardens – fruits, vegetables, and flowers of the summer months. I love time on the water – lakes, beaches, mountain streams and even pools. I am a ‘water-bug’. The freedom of kids – they’re a part of so many more activities and I love their light-hearted company. Ah, the lazy, dog-days of summer. So many slices of summer bring me happiness. Oh, joy!
Which brings us to Autumn! For years I have loved this fall season with all her colors and the inherent traits of this time of the year. There’s a new feeling in the year – a crispness that gets inside of you and quickens your step and just fills you with a new energy. I was so pleased to be a participant this year. The fall fruits and vegies are wonderful. Around these parts we have festivals … the Apple Festival, the Pumpkin Festival and the Harvest Festival – just to name a few. It seems everyone is filled with thanksgiving and the quest of celebration. I love the winds of autumn … when it’s still warm enough to have windows open and the curtains blowing in the breeze … ah, pure bliss!
Now, we’re in the midst of Winter … and I don’t mind a bit! I love the ‘naked’ trees! Up close or far away on the horizon … looking at and enjoying these brushy foothills lets one appreciate so many trails of lace woven by the hand of God. Pure, stately beauty! Isn’t the Father amazingly awesome in that He just gives us so much to enjoy? Winter beauty is unique – the wonders of the ice, the snow and even the barrenness carry her own elegant loveliness. I admit, I am ‘solar-powered’ – my heart and soul thrive in the sunshine and in these winter months I have to work at maintaining a happy, content heart. I’ve learned that listening to upbeat music, or singing light-hearted praise songs helps me. I also schedule sit-down time in the sun when we have it. But all in all, I love Winter!
You’ll have to stick around for the Spring-time thoughts, but just to clue you in: there will bees, birds, flowers, vegies and trees filling up my days! Hubby and I are looking forward to a class in Bee-Keeping starting this week, and will be planting – fruits, vegetables and flowers in our quest for a simple, sustainable way of living here in our foothills home.

Which brings me briefly to another slant on 'seasons' - namely the seasons of life. Hmm, if I was saying I was currently in a life season I guess I’m in the beginning of the Autumn years … the harvest is our children with their own lives and the enjoyment of the grandbaby girls. Also, I love all the experiences we’ve had … so many vibrant, colorful, and profound stories that we’ve been a part of … their memories and lessons are appreciated every day but I am content in the here and now.
There are also seasons of emotions … or of one’s spiritual journey. For this I guess we can go through these seasons at varied and multiple times during the course of our lives depending somewhat on who and what is around you. Wow, this can take a person in to lots of features and/or directions … we may tackle this in some other notes.
Isn’t life just magnificent? Well, it is if you choose it to be so. ;)

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