Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just the Beginning

Some of you may know I have loved artsy/crafty creations forever and a day. Making something new, different, and pretty is very fulfilling. It's a passion of mine - for too long it was pretty much 'buried' under the busyness of my days. One thing for certain, I loved the sewing and craft classes I had with the neighborhood children in Santa Rosa. I had to concentrate on a lesson, do it myself and then was able to enjoy guiding the children in making their own. (Wow, I miss those kiddos!)Teaching always allows the teacher a time to study and it led me to realize how much there still is to learn and develop. Joy of joys, I’m actually working on it – developing various projects. I have an agenda of sorts in my head and written out in my dream journals. For example, I started branching out into various mediums of art by watching and studying through some online educational sites. The video lessons are what work for me the best. I’m a ‘see and do’ type of student.
In the fall we had the privilege of working with a husband and wife team who came to hold an evangelism boot-camp of sorts with our some of the church family. Jerry and Connie Tallman were here in the area about 5 weeks and we became great friends. I'd been acquainted with Jerry way before I met him in person because of his website. He not only was a topnotch evangelist/teacher/author - he was/is an artist! While in our midst he was gracious enough to share knowledge and enthusiasm with my thirsty art soul.  Here’s what I wrote on my Dec. post: “One of my most favorite things in life right now is that I am getting reacquainted with some old ‘friends’ … cadmium yellow, burnt sienna, thalo green, yellow orche, alizarin crimson and chinese white among others … yep, I’ve taken up my acrylics and water colors and am loving the time with them. My first venture into my new ‘art-world’ was with the gifted evangelist/artist Jerry Tallman. I enjoyed 2 lessons in working with soft pastels with him back in September – that was totally new and exciting. His work is beautiful and I was very fortunate for that time. I’ve attempted 7 little works of my own – pretty fun!”
I’ve made a number of gifts and cards and have given them away - a couple of watercolors, several acrylics, of course, the above mentioned pastels. I decided to take pictures of my work just so I know I really had those ‘ta-da!’ moments. Nowadays, I’m trying my hand at something else – colored pencils. My water-color pencils somehow didn’t make it back with us from Honduras and although I really want to work with them again, I love what I have on hand. I started making my own cards a while back ... they may not be 'all that' but I'm having some fun with it for sure. 
the tools of 'trade'
thank-yous from my heart
get well cards
 Living in the middle of beautiful scenery sure helps fuel creativity!

I draw the trees in our yard

This is just the beginning of what I hope will be a steady part of my life.  I realize I have a long way to go to even be 'good' ... but you know what? I am having so much FUN that the journey along the way is sure to be rewarding
One of my inspirations is AnnaMary Robertson Moses, better known as "Grandma Moses" - she was one gifted lady! Her story is pretty amazing and although I don’t aspire to being her equal by any means, that fact that she began her painting while in her 70’s is remarkable. You’re never too old to fulfill your dreams!
See you soon – love, Grammy Robin - 
now, for a little 'visiting'! 
I love the Shady Porch ... you will too!  


  1. Looks like some terrific art to me! Just found your blogs. Didn't know you were a blogger! Hope everything is going well with you folks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Warren - and for the compliment on my art. I slacked off on blogging for a while but hopefully will continue somewhat faithfully now. I visited your site ... looks great! Look forward to visiting!

  2. Oh Robin your cards are lovely! You are an artist! I'm so glad you shared them and I look forward to seeing more of your gift! Blessings