Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebration Gatherings - He is Risen!

 I love an excuse for family gatherings ... good food, good fellowship.  
With our own chicks scattered hither and yon - Arkansas, Iowa, Tennessee - hubby and I will be meeting, first of all, with our church family to worship the King and Risen Savior and then we'll head over to my sister's home to join her family for a wonderful Easter meal. 
I'm in charge of some side dishes and desserts. Here's what I've decided on:

·         Lime/pineapple gelatin salad

·         Crunchy floret salad

·         Little chick deviled eggs

·         Easter pudding delight

·         Apple crisp with whipped topping
(... this I'll do this evening ... right now, the sun is shining and I am headed outside!)
These will go along perfectly with our traditional baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Mmm mmm delish!!!
and also, love my time visiting Dee and others at 
 The Shady Porch!



  1. I love that lime jello and pineapple salad and have been making it for nearly forty years. Does yours have cottage cheese in it?

    1. Hi Honora! For 40+ years the whole family has loved this salad - the recipe of my Mom's is made with a block of cream cheese melted into the hot juice/dissolved gelatin - then stir the pineapple in. Mom always spoiled me by preparing a little side dish without the actual fruit. ew, I am not a cooked pineapple person!

  2. I love having you visit too! Although there are miles between us, I like knowing we will both be celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! Your feast sounds delicious! I love the looks of that Crunchy Floret Salad! I am going to have to make that! Did I see almonds? Yum! I am tweeting your post tonight too! Blessings my friend and Happy Easter, D

    1. Hey D, Wow, Easter was a great day! and yes, the floret salad did have almonds - everyone loved it. Thanks so much for the tweet. You are such an encouragement - guess what? I lifted you up as an example in our last ladies Bible class - how our example can shine to others just when someone needs a special ray of light. So, keep shining!

  3. Hi Robin! You blessed me to tears with your comment! :) It was the encouragement I needed! Thank you for the sweet heartening words! Blessings, D