Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer and Gardening

Summer time! I love it. 

  • the occasional heat (rather rare in this neck of the woods!)
  • the outside morning quiet time (Bible readings and prayer time w/ hubby)
  • the fresh veggies (squash, tomatoes, green beans, salad, etc)
  • the fresh fruits (watermelon, berries, peaches, etc)
  • water play (in the backyard sprinkler, wading pool, mountain streams, etc)
  • drives in the country-side (farmland, mountains, hither and yon)
  • picnics (here at home and parks all around)
  • hikes (love these mountains)
  • walks around town (greenway, neighborhood, etc)
  • open-air markets (cattle sale, open-air, yard/estate sales)
  • any outdoor activity!
And currently: gardening! 
this is the first year in several that I've tried to have a vegetable garden. It definitely hasn't worked out like I thought it would. The weather was cool and wet for so long this spring. I wanted to plant from seeds - using non-gmo, heirloom and organic as much as possible. Due to several factors, I planted late and also, am working with ground that has never been used a a garden before.  I've worked hard though and am persistent in my weeding - I have been given mixed advice on watering so, I definitely have not 'over-watered'. I am learning lessons in patience to say the least and remain hopeful we will reap a bountiful harvest!
Here a few photos of this years gardening journey so far:
before I cleared any space

just a twinkle in my eye

I sprained my ankle doing so much shoveling - that set me behind!

starting to take shape

I wanted it around the house ... to help with 'critter-control'

hubby did some tilling for me!
my little seed planter

and my other helper!

finally some plants!!

coming along - peppers and lettuce for the picking

I decided to have a little celebration the day most all the seeds were planted

any excuse for a afternoon tea-party!

 So, there you have it - I'll post some current pictures soon and let you see the progress. There's some good flowering happening now - squash, peas, beans, tomatoes. My next effort is getting the bamboo trellises in place - fun times!! 


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