Monday, August 5, 2013

August and Summer-time Sunshine

I started this note on August 2nd ... got waylaid by lots of good things but wanted to go ahead and post it anyways ... ;)
It's seems like I'm always and forever going on about how time flies - and not just when you're having fun. It's hard for me to believe we're already into the month of August - one of my very favorite months ever! I just love God's world and how created the world in such a way that he allowed us to enjoy seasons. There is so much God-art in summer time - our butterfly bushes are crazy filled with the most gorgeous critters! Pure joy to watch!! And the songs of the birds in the early morning has been lovely to listen to - better than the finest symphony. I love this time of year and am a little sad this is this is the final 'official' month of summer.  Maybe we'll get to enjoy an 'indian summer' this year and we can stretch it for all its worth! Now, that would be sweet! I celebrate the days of heat and sunshine. Today, ¡por fin! I get to enjoy one of those days. I shared the cutest little badge on my facebook page the other day. Here it is: 

I truly can deal with rain occasionally but seriously, this summer, in this area of the country we've had way way too much rain. I mean, there's been flooding, loss of crops, lake access closings, and closer to home the garden - the first I've attempted in years - suffered losses - seeds washing away and roots rotting. I mean, I wasn't out to feed the neighborhood or anything but I had put a lot of time and effort into my little plots of land! Our plants of squash, loofah, birdhouse gourds and okra are now very happy. My radishes, carrots, tomatoes, peas and beans, along with some others, will hopefully do better next year.
With all my complaining and negativity towards the rain, I still appreciate the prayers I've heard in thanks for it. I realize other areas of the country are in a terrible drought - and I wish I could send a portion of these showers to them! Several have mentioned too that the color of the autumn leaves will probably be spectacular. And one of the ladies from church shared her thoughts with me - if this weather pattern continues on through our fall and winter, think of all the snowfall we may get!" Hmmm ...
Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am 'solar-powered' and I was beginning to digress into the winter doldrums for a little while there. However, we've experienced several afternoons of sunshine now - and with the exception of early this morning, it's been rain-free today.
I am loving my minutes in the sun. In fact, I am heading outside right now, not to work but to sit with a glass of sweet tea and a good book. What a rare afternoon treat.
Hope your first full week of August is truly blessed!

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  1. Enjoy your time in the sunshine! It sounds as though it is your turn for a little good weather. :)