Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer - the closing moments

It was a lovely day ... all the summer-time warmth and sunshine you could ask for. I enjoyed it so much -  the 'it' being the last few days! Hooray!
I don't know if it qualifies as an Indian summer yet since it's only mid-Setember but I'm getting into the enjoyment of these wonderful hours of sunshine with little or NO rain!  I am so happy these closing moments of summer-time are glorious in their sunshiney brightness. We've had a few blessed months!
My garden, however, was not what I would have hoped for. It was the first time the dirt around us had been worked with in 5-6 years so, there were very few nutrients and I probably didn't put enough into it 'artificially'. I added Jack's Classic Plant Food and Pete's Organic Planting Mix as I planted. I put down newspapers, spread pine straw and weeded by hand rather than spraying Round-Up or other weed control. My plants were also invaded by little wormy critters and I didn't resort to SevenDust but rather picked 'em and trashed 'em when/where I could. Another unusual occurrence this summer was too much rain! Oodles and oodles of hard rain! So many of my seed just washed away or the plants drowned! Man, I learned a lot of lessons but now have better ideas of what I will do next year.
On a bright note, we are still cutting okra, peppers, a few tomatoes, spinach, and wow! the birdhouse gourds and loofah sponge gourds are doing superb! I'm in the artsy mode to design presents with those! Although the grand-baby-girls and I planted bookoos of seeds for various flowers only a few areas thrived but they are lovely indeed! Cosmos, a couple varieties of marigold, sunflowers and morning glories to name a several.
Things I love about the not-so-great garden and will do again are numerous and far outweigh the negative. Not in any particular order here are a few of these positive things I did -
  • planted in beds around the house
  • read a lot and wrote notes to learn from
  • drew out plans of what I dreamed of in my head
  •  used organic or heirloom seed
  •  planted what I knew we would eat fresh, or could freeze
  • tried a few new varieties of vegies
  • used the complement-planting system
  • had fun with making my own bamboo trellises.
Gardening - one of life's finest blessings!
I loved these summer months - haven't you? Saying good-bye will mean bringing in the autumn and my heart is getting ready. Don't you love the fall of the year?
God is so good to us!


  1. Yes, I love the fall of the year - it is my favourite time. I love the drawing in and being cosy at home.

    1. Hey - thanks for stopping by - way back when! I love the fall too - it used to be my favorite of all seasons and now, I think I really love them all equally! When I'm in it, I love it!! Wasn't so much ready to leave summer time but now, my soul is loving the cool crispness, colors, and the 'drawing in' that is unique to fall.