Thursday, October 17, 2013


Listen - the pitter-patter of rain, birds singing, ticking of the clock, music! Listen - something I should surely do more of and today I am forced to do!
I'm hoarse - totally - I'm talking in whispers only. It started yesterday but came on full force today - I guess it's allergies or a fall cold, not sure but it'll pass and I'm really fine. This morning though, I couldn't wait til the guys were out of the house so I wouldn't be tempted to whisper. Tried to talk with daughter on the phone - no good. So, it's going to be a quiet day from my part. That's fine - no problem. But, I realize how much I sing when I'm alone and that can't happen either - that's not good! not even a hum will come out. :/  so, I have instrumental music playing, have my timer set to do my list of jobs and am just delighting in the day as it is.
Let me share this: we had company the other evening - folks who have served as missionaries for forever in Germany.We've known R for years and years and his German wife, G, not so long, but she settled into our hearts as if we were all lifelong family. It was a superb evening. The gathering at the table moved outdoors to watch the sunset, then back indoors for dessert -  and the sweet conversation continued all the while. It was over far too soon. Times like that remind me of what it is to long for heaven. Sweet communion forever with all those we hold dear. Just love it!!
And within the next little bit a family who is very precious to us will be coming our way to stay a few days - so, today I'm 'making ready'. I love these times of preparation - fixing this and that just so for comfort, convenience, and the welcome I hope they'll feel. These dear ones make their home in India so, there's also loads of catching up to do and soul/kingdom talk galore is already being anticipated. And their little ones to play with and read to!
Next week we have kinfolk coming in for a couple days, as well.Very excited for that.
I hope each of you have those kinds of friends and family - who come home to your home for a meal or a few days and all of you rejoice and have terrific fun.
Of course, I am still counting the blessing of having children and grands living close by! I have a happy heart these days and I don't take it for granted. And I love the weather - the changing leaves and the promise of a lovely fall.
Wow, hours have gone by and haven't wound this up yet ... 
Yep, it's been a quiet day - rainy outside even now and I'm still hoarse! I've spent the day listening and it's been good.
the wet but pretty world

outside my backdoor

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