Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Very Neat and Had to Share -

Well,I've been meaning to get on here and leave a note for some time now and this is too good pass up:


I really, really love the month of November.
Granted, there's a few things I'm not crazy about like
  • the drop in temperatures
  • the shortening of daylight hours
  • cloudy, depressing days
But then there's many positive points too
  • the beautiful, bare trees
  • the harvest of really cool fruits and vegetables
  • crisp, clear days
  • the joining of so many hearts in thanks to God who is the giver of all gifts
So, all in all, this seems like a great day to share a note - and encourage all of us to delight in this wonderful month. 

November's flower is the Chrysanthemum.


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