Monday, December 2, 2013

30 Days of Thanksgiving, 2013

I love the month of November, don't you? Another year, another "30 days of thanksgiving" -
Day 1: I have a heart full of thanks - for God the Father, Jesus the Son and the sweet Spirit.
Day 2: life with the love of my life - Lowell - only God could author a love-story like ours.
Day 3: the sunrise this morning - a perfect beginning to this Lord's day.
 Day 4: My sweet, grown-up, young lady, baby-girl - Janna - I am so proud of the wife and Mommy you've become.
Day 5: I'm thankful for the sky - the morning sky, with the soft but brilliant sunrises; the daytime sky with the clouds in all their patterns and shapes and shades of white and gray - and even the clear blue, cloudless days; the evening sky with incredible sunset glories - each day is a different story with the sky. God - the Supreme Artist with His canvas above and around us –
Day 6: I'm extremely thankful for our second daughter, Jessi - when we learned we were expecting another girl we were thrilled! and to this day she's been a joy ... I have so much fun with her, admire and respect her tremendously and am very grateful we're also sisters in Christ. Yes, God is good!
Day 7: I'm so thankful I'm a Grammy - and that is what I was 'doing' yesterday so, no time for facebook! Love my grandbaby-girls!!
Day 8: So, when God graced our family with child #3 we were so pleased it was a boy!! I'm very grateful for son, Jared - one of the most humble, generous, adventuresome, and sincere Christian men I know. I am blessed indeed!
Day 9: Well ... I am so thankful for morning stars! I took the doggie out on her early morning wander and just rejoiced that God sees fit to share the beauty of his creation. A gazillion beautiful stars!
Day 10: first of all - this month is flying by! secondly, I am breathtakingly overwhelmed and in awe of this fact: God gave us His Word! "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." Psalm 119:105 - and am praying I use it every day. Rejoice! It's the Lord's day
Day 11: So very thankful for the persistent prayers and wishes of a young Jessi Jo that brought Jacob into our lives! We thought our family was complete, but, God (and Jess) knew better! I'm so proud to be Mom to this Christian young man.
Day 12: I love my daily 'rituals' - this morning I went through the ritual of opening the family room curtains and was greeted by this glorious sight: a lovely morning sunrise!
 Day 13: Was at the Rawley farm yesterday afternoon - I'm so thankful for Faye - not only is she my sis, she's a best friend as well as sweet sister in the Lord. We've been through tough times and pretty amazing adventures, especially these past few years. I am blessed to be her 'little sister' and share these common threads of life. Love family!
Day 14: I am very, very thankful to be a part of the Wilkesboro church of Christ!! Such a special group of people all wrapped up in God's love and calling. I definitely see Jesus being lived out in our family and in the community. I'm happy we're a part. Feeling blessed
Day 15: I am so appreciative of my personal history - the heritage left to me because of the conviction and Bible study of my Grandma Sophia, her influence on my Dad, and the godly upbringing he gave me. The Lord has been mindful of me; He blesses me over and over again.
Day 16: So thankful for "The King's Closet" through which our church family is able to help those who need a little something  extra every once in a while. Today was the advertised free clothing give-away and we were able to serve close to 200 folks!! Lots of great conversations were had, a delicious pancake breakfast enjoyed, and oodles and oodles of bags filled with clothing and shoes were given away. Yep, it was a very good day.
Day 17: I'm thankful for very 'full' Sundays - like today - rich, filled with joy, well-spent with people I love.
Day 18: Don't you love this full moon? It greeted me this morning as I drove through the darkness - just broke through the clouds like "Good Morning!" Lowell saw it where he was too - out in the woods near our home. He thought someone had turned on a light at the barn. We talked about it as we shared our morning quiet time. I'm so thankful the Creator shares His wonders with us in such lovely ways. God is good, God is great.
Day 19: I am thankful for a husband who reads. He reads quality stuff, not fluff and nonsense. Although, that doesn't mean he (we) don't read fun stuff, too. Yesterday (see his post) he read a note out loud to me. This is a common occurrence, not some rare happening, and it's nothing new; we've been reading out loud to each-other since 'pre-Mr&Mrs' days. So, Lowell, just a shout-out to you - thanks for sharing things that matter. I am blessed and highly favored.
Day 20: I am so thankful for hands. Hands that work hard, create, caress, fold in prayer, play, heal, cook, nurture, lead … I celebrate sets of hands I’ve known -  worn-out, calloused, used-up in Kingdom work here on earth. I’ve been blessed by ’hands’; haven’t you?
Day 21: So thankful as I walk outside I can see the beauty around me, that I can hear the mooing of the cows and songs of the birds, that I can feel the brisk, cold wind against my cheeks, smell the muskiness of fallen leaves and then in a few minutes, when the cold really gets to me, I can go in and taste my yummy morning coffee. Thanks God! (Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. 31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.)
Day 22: I am very thankful for roads from there to here … bringing people home for the T-day holiday. (Jake, Jess, and Ben are heading home) Happy-happy-happy heart!  ;) and am glad we can pray for safe journeys for all our travelers!
Day 23: Am so thankful that family loves to 'come home' ... remembering that not so long ago, I was the one coming home for a holiday ... wow, time has flown by. Jake arrived safe this evening in time for supper around the table. Emmy, Mads and Lily were so happy to see Uncle Jakie. Top of Form
Day 24: Thankful for our Lord's day activities always plus, ending the day with Jessi and Benjamin’s safe arrival!
Day 25: Thanking God for good eats and time around the table with the family.
Day 26: So thankful for our warm home, especially on days like today (brrrr) - we are blessed.
Day 27: So thankful for lots of cooks in the kitchen! And days of eating various yummy dishes :  fufu, draw soup, stew & rice, yucca & plantain, taco soup Day 28: Love and am very grateful for family gatherings ... table-side good eats, fireside chats, outside playtime with kids and dogs. Pure happy-happy-happy times.
Day 29: I'm so thankful my family loves the great outdoors - highlight of our 'black Friday' - trip to the Blue Ridge - gorgeous views and perfect weather for us but still got see the kids (Ben, Jess, and Jake) play a little in some snow! Love our mountains! Day 30: This 'thankful' month flew by! I am so grateful for the family I was able to enjoy these past few busy days ... Pure Abundance ... blessed indeed!


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  1. I have so enjoyed reading your daily posts! Thank you for sharing and uplifting others!