Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's Try This Again ...

Well, here I go  - making a start on blogging again - kinda took a hiatus - I've got so many things in my head and just had to 'study' on them awhile. I think I've come to 'terms' with myself.
My heart is full with fun, precious times spent with family and super cool adventures in the horizon like:
  • children and the grands coming and going
  • fun during the holidays - decorating, sewing and baking 
  • big and little thoughts on life 
  •  my place in the scheme of things
  • new ideas being tossed around
  • old but still desirable dreams waiting to be fulfilled
  • a possible trip to Honduras (eeeekkkk!!!!)
I'm glad it's 'Today'. I love Wednesdays - always have. For me, Wednesdays are wonderful and it's a good place in the middle of the week. Because I grew up in a church-going home and then married a man who leads his house well, congregational  mid-week Bible study has always been a part of my life. That's a major plus on my journey, and I'm so very thankful to have the privilege to gather with 'the family' for a time of study. Some people may call it an interruption, I call it a gift. I don't take it for granted and I know, I am blessed.
I'm glad it's 'Winter'. There have been several days lately having the threat of snow - it was a 'no-show' each time. Actually, that's okay by me. I love the naked trees, the winter birds playing outside my window, and the sound of my wind chimes dancing in the cold, brisk breeze. Yes, today is crisp  and clear - and if one has to be in the middle of winter then, it's a pretty doggone good day!
grand-baby girls enjoying a cold but sunny day
crystal-clear across the pasture to the Blue Ridge horizon - love that winter-blue sky

Every where I look and in all I feel this day I give praise to the Father for his wonderful-winter-world.

 photo 8cad3fd2-9068-4289-998e-b95a6429f146.jpg

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