Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pink Morning

It's a fine April morning! I was out with the doggie in the wee hours - in fact, two of the grands were going hunting (it's Youth Hunting day hereabouts) so, Daddy and Poppy were taking the girls. I waved them off on their way. The wind was nippy and brisk so I didn't tarry! I rushed back in for my morning cuppa java and quiet time. Sweet minutes of the day. However, within a half-hour or thereabouts, I glanced out the window to see pink! Beautiful! Fluffy pink clouds from here to there - so pretty I had to take some shots of my own!

Here they are, in sequential views, from front of the house to back.
 Didn't quite grasp the 'pinkness' of it all but, still very lovely.  

Thanks to the Lord, creator of all, who shares good gifts with His children -
 they are new every morning.
Hope your day is beautiful!

Ending note: in the brilliance of the full-blown sunrise all the pink has turned to gold! 
My life is filled with fingerprints of the Father and therefore, I am wonderfully blessed.

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