Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trash to Treasures ...

Finally. At long last. It’s about time.
Yep, just within the past week or so have I had the urge to create.  I’m beyond doubt excited about it. I have projects floating around in my head and even making themselves apparent as notes in my art journal.   I've been accumulating cans, lids and jars recently and I'm rather excited about the future they signify. I’ve been kind of longing for my craft-times in Honduras.  Many of those crafts were out of recycled bits and pieces and so I’ve made a point to save this stuff that truly could become something.You see, I am ready for a fresh start.
Yes,  ...
·         finally, it’s there – in my heart!
·         at long last, like this itch that has to be scratched …
·         it’s about time I feel like I genuinely must DO a bit of ART!! 

I really believe, no, I actually know, it’s because it’s Spring … and all things are raring to blossom into loveliness – even the inspirations of my heart.
Very soon I will post the treasures made from some of this! Stay tuned ;)

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