Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gardening and Fun-Times!

My garden plans grew as we got further into Spring and now here we are in Summer and man, I am Happy with our progress! Yay!
The biggest difference between this year and last is that Hubby came on board. (he's a keeper) Yes, his participation, hard work, dedication, dreams and plans for our garden took our surroundings to a whole nother level. But also, I had a year’s worth of thoughtful plans on paper and in my head to contend with. I think we did pretty good on blending our ideas of what we wanted.
As you can see from previous posts, I had intentions of doing some outside arts n’ crafts by utilizing some re-cycled items for the yard and garden. The plan was to include our Grandbaby-girls as much as possible in the art-work and the planting. They were very willing participants – every time they’ve come over in the last few weeks I hear – “Grammy, can we paint a can?” (or a lid, or a bamboo, or a gourd? or can we hammer today? or dig in the garden, plant some more seeds ….) I do love those girlies and all their help!
We’ve been fortunate to have sunshine and rain – and not an over-abundance of either, which is such a blessing as opposed to the seedlings being washed away in the heavy rains of last year. Between Lowell’s heave-ho, my dig-dig-dig and the recycled lovelies we’ve put together, I think it is all coming along nicely.
out there's where Lowell tilled up the garden ...
he dug deep furrows - spaced them so we could kneel between the hills for weeding and harvesting
the grands helping with painting ... rocks and other treasures
hammering tops of cans
more hammering
taking a break with Poppy
this one loves being in the middle of everything
the bamboo around the garden dressed up in fine colors & decked out with wind mobiles
straight-neck yellow squash .... yummy times will soon be here!
and tomatoes on most of the plants!

Lettuce, radishes, and greens are almost ready to harvest and 
blooms are everywhere! 
Do you have a garden, and if so, how does your garden grow?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Strawberry Goodness

After all that berry picking came the all important time of 'putting it up'.
 Lowell and Jake helped me and it went pretty quickly -
willing hands make a difference
we worked together

the first recipe took 3 cups sliced berries
1 can Eagle brand milk, 1/3 cup lemon juice, 8 oz. whipped topping, 2 graham cracker pie crusts
we had enough for 4 pies for the freezer!
plus several gallons and quarts to just freeze
besides this freezer jam -  all in all, not bad for a morning's picking!
Frozen Strawberry Pie
3 cups sliced berries
1 can Eagle brand milk
1/3 cup lemon juice
8 oz. whipped topping
Mix well. 
Divide into 2 graham cracker crusts.
Freeze 'em!
by: Ann Hart

Strawberry Picking - a Time of Making Memories!

It's been a while since I actually wrote this but I couldn't get this note to work ... I hope you had a good Memorial Day -  we did. I put up several posts on facebook, and saw some great ones too of remembering our servicemen - those presently serving and of those gone on before us. Praise God for sacrificial lives that make our freedom possible.
I guess our real celebration was on  Sunday when we went to the lake with church folks for a cook-out meal. I love those times - we ate well - hamburgers, hotdogs, all the works plus, so many desserts! Fun, family, friends, and just good fellowship - what a loving congregation of believers is all about.

Now for Monday's actual activities, what we did do was go with a friend to pick strawberries. We'd made plans last week to go - and we had FUN!
We arrived at the fields and had a ways to walk
we were in good company - there were loads of folks with the same idea
Ann and Lowell displaying our goods!


and now ... the 'pleasure of putting it up'
Picking berries, peaches, going for corn harvesting the garden goods, and then canning or freezing or 'putting it up' always puts me in mind of times past with my own Dad and Mom and doing these things with them - we had some great traditions. 
Precious Memories.
Oh, and by the way, Lowell did cook out hamburgers and 'the boys' enjoyed them with us for our own little family celebration.


Beginning Stages

I have written two posts lately that didn't get posted! Oh No!! Today, I will post this note - I will, I will!!
I realize after trying to write this note the why of not posting the others! I guess my internet is so slow it doesn't want to work with my photos. I just have to do the last draft - it was all about strawberries!!

Well, the last note I published was indeed a while back but, this is a follow-up so I guess that is a good enough start for today. Trash to Treasures was about my urge to create ... and wow, have I been having FUN!
My trash is becoming treasures ...

little by little 
re-tilling the ground from last year 

where the morning glories/peas/tomatoes were 

and new ground-breaking! wow ... a 'real' garden! 

the grands helping with the painting 

silly girl

pretty girl
we painted the cans

I had clear spray varnish, so I sprayed them
this was the beginning ... a couple weeks later will be the next post!