Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beginning Stages

I have written two posts lately that didn't get posted! Oh No!! Today, I will post this note - I will, I will!!
I realize after trying to write this note the why of not posting the others! I guess my internet is so slow it doesn't want to work with my photos. I just have to do the last draft - it was all about strawberries!!

Well, the last note I published was indeed a while back but, this is a follow-up so I guess that is a good enough start for today. Trash to Treasures was about my urge to create ... and wow, have I been having FUN!
My trash is becoming treasures ...

little by little 
re-tilling the ground from last year 

where the morning glories/peas/tomatoes were 

and new ground-breaking! wow ... a 'real' garden! 

the grands helping with the painting 

silly girl

pretty girl
we painted the cans

I had clear spray varnish, so I sprayed them
this was the beginning ... a couple weeks later will be the next post!


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  1. Nice pics! It's great that you were able to post this one. Having a bad internet service when blogging can be quite a headache, moreso if your post wasn't saved because the net died. At least you were able to get through with this one. Let's hope your net will be better on your next posts!

    Jannette Britt @ TLink Broadband Services