Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gardening and Fun-Times!

My garden plans grew as we got further into Spring and now here we are in Summer and man, I am Happy with our progress! Yay!
The biggest difference between this year and last is that Hubby came on board. (he's a keeper) Yes, his participation, hard work, dedication, dreams and plans for our garden took our surroundings to a whole nother level. But also, I had a year’s worth of thoughtful plans on paper and in my head to contend with. I think we did pretty good on blending our ideas of what we wanted.
As you can see from previous posts, I had intentions of doing some outside arts n’ crafts by utilizing some re-cycled items for the yard and garden. The plan was to include our Grandbaby-girls as much as possible in the art-work and the planting. They were very willing participants – every time they’ve come over in the last few weeks I hear – “Grammy, can we paint a can?” (or a lid, or a bamboo, or a gourd? or can we hammer today? or dig in the garden, plant some more seeds ….) I do love those girlies and all their help!
We’ve been fortunate to have sunshine and rain – and not an over-abundance of either, which is such a blessing as opposed to the seedlings being washed away in the heavy rains of last year. Between Lowell’s heave-ho, my dig-dig-dig and the recycled lovelies we’ve put together, I think it is all coming along nicely.
out there's where Lowell tilled up the garden ...
he dug deep furrows - spaced them so we could kneel between the hills for weeding and harvesting
the grands helping with painting ... rocks and other treasures
hammering tops of cans
more hammering
taking a break with Poppy
this one loves being in the middle of everything
the bamboo around the garden dressed up in fine colors & decked out with wind mobiles
straight-neck yellow squash .... yummy times will soon be here!
and tomatoes on most of the plants!

Lettuce, radishes, and greens are almost ready to harvest and 
blooms are everywhere! 
Do you have a garden, and if so, how does your garden grow?

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