Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Missing the Grands

I really miss the time freedom of the grandbaby girls throughout the summer.
For whatever reason I could keep them for an afternoon or overnight or even for a couple of days. And now we have all these time restrictions!! No Fair! 
We want Summer back!! 


Changing of the Seasons

This changing of the seasons is a bittersweet time! I loved the busyness and warmth of the summer months. It flew pass way to fast!
Monday is the normal day off for hubby but it began a little differently than usual in that he decided to go out and try his hand at bow-hunting.
I did take advantage of one of our last mornings to sit outside and enjoy our quiet time ... you know, before it gets way too cold for that.
Here's two pictures taken from my chair ... in the one you can see the mini way far in the distance and the other I zoomed in.
There is the car .... way up in the distance ...
so, this is where he parks and walks into the woods.

Hubby's not done more than see deer at a distance but at least he is seeing them. The first mornings he went out were rather warm but the last few days ... brrrr! Yep, we like venison in the freezer! I'll be sharing recipes through the year. Venison is one of the healthiest meats you can eat and delicious too!
So, yes, I enjoyed my early morning coffee, a blanket and my Bible sitting right out there with my lovely view.
I actually achieved most of the outside goals of the day - taking care of some nasty weeds around my flowers and tearing down most of the garden.
it went from this to ....

this throughout the day.
We enjoyed lots of good-eats throughout the summer - tomatoes finished too soon though - I did not get my fill of tomato sandwiches or fried green tomatoes. However, I believe I was finished with the canning, pickling and freezing! That was a lot of work!
I am truly thankful for the Abundance of our Summer Garden!!


Hold Fast to Dreams

I see all of Life like a Journey – a steady travel to the land of ‘where we want to be’. Sometimes we’re in the desert lands – superficially harsh and desolate, and at other times places of bounty surround us – fertile, strewn with delightful flowers, beautiful grass and gorgeous trees. Both have their attractive features if we are determined to live up to our own potential and learn as we go. Dreams are like flowers we nourish into full, gorgeous bloom – and yes, the flowers of the desert are some of the most dazzling of all! Or even like a bird in flight - soaring in such a way as to fly above the problems that can drag us into despair. Dreams help us get from here to there – desiring that better place, imagining being able to live out our passions, working towards that place of financial stability. You're designing your path everyday ... deciding if your path is going to be drab or lovely, passionless or vibrant, dull or exciting. Life has to have dreams! Don’t give up on dreams – ever!
it works bird quote
 First of all, you need a vehicle that is strong, able to carry you through the rough times – one which allows you to maneuver through obstacles of doubt and despair. It Works Global is an international vehicle of strength, power – built with the values of integrity, honesty and hard work. However you see yourself - a flower or a bird ... my hope is that you get to know yourself well enough, find your strengths, use them and eventually, see your dreams come to full-blown glory. ... right now, those seedlings are waiting to sprout! Or, truly, you may be ready to take flight and soar! Partner with this amazing company; use your instinctive strengths to transform into the successful person you envision. The resulting harvest may just be beyond your wildest expectations and at the very least, you'll find color and beauty in who you are! Let's start now!

Do You Love Your Work?

Loving the work you do is a wonderful part of living. You live with passion, energy levels are up, and you can stay on task more easily – all which leads to productivity.
Sometimes, though, a person doesn’t love what they do … hours can be long, the paperwork is a headache, answering to the boss gets harder and harder, the salary you bring home may not be equivalent to the effort you put in. Childcare is expensive, gas is costly, juggling family and work can get more and more difficult and before long, busyness reigns and turmoil results!
Life is a journey we are all on … no matter where we are physically on our journey, home is the place we hang our heart and soul. Home is the location of our dear ones, the place where our essence is most alive. So many just wish they could dream their dreams, earn good money, but maybe, just maybe, do it from 'home'!
These are but a few reason working from home has become more and more desirable and popular.
I would love to share with you a fabulous opportunity …
  • to be a part of a company you can be proud of
  • be a part of a group of people you will love
  • have the potential to earn a great paycheck
  • be coached by leaders who care about who you are
  • recommend quality products you can stand behind
  • make a difference in people’s lives

If any of this speaks to you then speak to me!
It Works Global – a company with a heart for people who care.

Love your work! Come visit me at It Works Global.

My New Journey and Team-Work

I've started a new journey recently ... I've become a Distributor for a company my daughter has been a part of for several months. She was relatively surprised when I approached her that I was thinking of opening up an account along with her. I am happy I did!

Whether you're thinking of marriage, sports, a church family, a business ... it's always a good thing for people to be on the same page - working together towards the same goals. That's when progress is made and people feel good about themselves. Play, fight, live with integrity, follow the rules, and reap the rewards. Teamwork means all that. I've been a part of some wonderful teams in life and know of the joy and fulfillment it offers. Teamwork makes life easier.
Owning your own business is a wonderful, challenging, possibly daunting idea!
  • Being your own boss is one thing - but doing that as a part of a team where you can find encouragement, seek knowledge, share enthusiasm, and benefit those around you - going and coming - now that's pure pleasure!
  • Setting your own hours ... perhaps means you work while kids are napping, or in your pajamas when you first get up ...
  • Write your own paycheck - means you actually get the credit you deserve for the hard work you put in - in the form of cash!
it works write your own paycheck
It's about taking responsibility for your life ...
work hard, following the examples set forth,
and reap the benefits.
Game on!
Be a part of a great team and live out your dreams -
come visit me at It Works Global.