Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Changing of the Seasons

This changing of the seasons is a bittersweet time! I loved the busyness and warmth of the summer months. It flew pass way to fast!
Monday is the normal day off for hubby but it began a little differently than usual in that he decided to go out and try his hand at bow-hunting.
I did take advantage of one of our last mornings to sit outside and enjoy our quiet time ... you know, before it gets way too cold for that.
Here's two pictures taken from my chair ... in the one you can see the mini way far in the distance and the other I zoomed in.
There is the car .... way up in the distance ...
so, this is where he parks and walks into the woods.

Hubby's not done more than see deer at a distance but at least he is seeing them. The first mornings he went out were rather warm but the last few days ... brrrr! Yep, we like venison in the freezer! I'll be sharing recipes through the year. Venison is one of the healthiest meats you can eat and delicious too!
So, yes, I enjoyed my early morning coffee, a blanket and my Bible sitting right out there with my lovely view.
I actually achieved most of the outside goals of the day - taking care of some nasty weeds around my flowers and tearing down most of the garden.
it went from this to ....

this throughout the day.
We enjoyed lots of good-eats throughout the summer - tomatoes finished too soon though - I did not get my fill of tomato sandwiches or fried green tomatoes. However, I believe I was finished with the canning, pickling and freezing! That was a lot of work!
I am truly thankful for the Abundance of our Summer Garden!!


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