Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pets - Our Furry Kids or What Keeps Me Healthy

I have these two furry pets that are very insistent.
Our dog, Sadie, is black lab/blue heeler. Ideally, she should be retrieving dead ducks or working sheep on some big ranch. Instead she lives with us and cries daily until she is taken outdoors to do her ritual games of throw the toy, fetch the toy. She never tires - each throw is like it is the first time anyone has ever thrown a toy for her. She is full of enthusiasm and excitement and energy. She also loves to sit beside you and let you kick a ball and she'll bring it back .... over and over. If visiting children want to play with her I have to give them an exact number of throws they can execute with her. We make her stop - she is too dumb and I seriously believe she would fall down dead rather than give in to her exhaustion. She always waits for permission (an "Okay") before she eats and she loves to say thank you - she wiggles and waggles and falls at your feet in  her happy back dance after her meal. She won't rest til this takes place. I rub her belly with my foot and she is in heaven. She has two pillow beds and will cry until I move one into place in the den if we're watching a movie... she wants to be near us, but in comfort. I could go on and on with her weirdness.

Our cat ... she is a 'people-cat' - she comes out of the woodwork when people come to visit and will hop onto someone's unsuspecting lap. The whole gang comes over and she is underfoot. She lets little ones carry her around. (Although she does have her limit) She loves lap time and if the lap is not available she will lay on your out-stretched feet or on the desk next to you as you work. If she is turned away from hubby's and/or my laps she will wiggle herself into place on the table between our recliners. Most nights she sleeps in the bathroom sink. She will sit in the front bathroom sink and incessantly tap the water spigot with her paw until a little stream is turned on for a drink (there are water dishes in three places throughout the house). Any time I feed the dog the cat will talk to me until 're-fill' her bowl too. She's an outdoor/indoor kitty but if she's stuck in the house and has to 'go' she will use the bathtub as her litter box ... easy clean-up.
I enjoy my insistent and loving pets ... they are fun to have around and are a part of the family. 
Apparently, they help me stay healthy.