Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Went To Conference!!

My daughter, Janna, grand-little-one #3 and I went to It Works Limelite 2015 Conference!! That means we traveled to Orlando, FL. We stayed in a condo at the beautiful Vista Cay Resort. We stayed with other team-mates - from CA, NC and TN in our immediate condo, but nearby were more It Works family - we had a great time walking back and forth to the Center.

All our meetings were at the Orange County Convention Center. Meetings? that sounds so professional and business-like! When in reality, although they were smack-dab full of information and education, these gathering times were like one big party! It was amazing - I wasn't surprised at all. It exceeded my expectations but I knew it would!
 I love my job as Distributor for It Works ... I love my fun online store where people can buy just what they want or even sign up to join me as a DT. It's a place of hope for a healthier body or healthy financial life. Our products are natural, botanically-based wonders! The compensation plan is terrific and with work and determination a person can make good money. One can actually be paid fairly for the amount of dedication they show up with. I can live with that.
Here is some photos of our experience ...

like it says here: i went to boost my business ;)
this is our bigger team - nikki is with her husband, ryan in the front right - she is a great diamond leader!!
this is my more immediate team - that is britt in the very front - a best friend of my daughter's and like another daughter to me - family all the way

There will be more on this soon ... 
Hope your day is wonderful!!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love This Day!!

I don't know about you but I really love Sundays!
I am a Christian. My entire life has been spent with this day being separated from all the other days of the week realizing it was a day of worship. That is not to say this was the only day that God and Jesus were recognized but that this is the time chosen to gather with others of 'like precious faith' to praise our Lord.
I was one of those PKs - a preacher's kid. I loved it. My Dad was a good man who actively lived his faith.
I was a PWK ... a preacher's wife's kid. I loved it. My Mom was a good woman who fulfilled her role with graciousness.
Through one reason or another, personal, financial or just life happening we moved around a bit ...  from coast to coast, Dad preached like 4 years in one place, then 2 in another, then maybe 3 in another, then 7 years in still another place, 2 in another, but eventually settled in a small community in PA for their last 20+ and there he ended his career ...preaching through his 86th year of life. Where ever they were, Dad and Mom made beautiful friendships with folks and those precious relationships lasted many years ... they were still corresponding with church family from around the country after 50+ years. I have fond memories of all those congregations of the church. I loved Sundays ... Bible classes, singing ... all of it.
Now, here I am at 59 years of age and I still love my Sundays. This is a precious day designed by God himself for our spiritual renewal. We have the privilege of gathering with others to sing, worship, take the Lord's supper and remember that sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf and we get to hold God's Word in our hands and study it together! Oh, and we get to 'give back' ... a token gift for sure, but an acknowledgement of all He has done for us.
I'm a PW ... a preacher's wife. My husband is a good man who actively lives his faith. I am honored to serve by his side and praise God daily for the life He has blessed me with.
That being said you must realize that my life is not perfect - I lived with and through struggles, ups and downs, mountain-peak wonderful highs, and valley lows. Through all my life though, I have realized, first and foremost, that whatever the circumstances, my Redeemer lives and I am good for eternity's sake.
I am truly blessed and highly favored.

What about you?
How are you on this Lord's day? Is it well with your soul? Do feel good about where you are in life? Is there anything I can pray about on your behalf? If you are searching or have questions I would love to help. I may not know everything or have all the answers but God's Word is available for us to search together.
I enjoy studying with students around the world and can do this online through several means like World Bible School .... or someone may want to improve their English skills through studies in the Bible. 

This is the building where our congregation meets ... a gathering of saints to worship our Creator God and remember our sweet Savior. 
Rejoice where you are ... this is truly the day that the Lord has made.