Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Went To Conference!!

My daughter, Janna, grand-little-one #3 and I went to It Works Limelite 2015 Conference!! That means we traveled to Orlando, FL. We stayed in a condo at the beautiful Vista Cay Resort. We stayed with other team-mates - from CA, NC and TN in our immediate condo, but nearby were more It Works family - we had a great time walking back and forth to the Center.

All our meetings were at the Orange County Convention Center. Meetings? that sounds so professional and business-like! When in reality, although they were smack-dab full of information and education, these gathering times were like one big party! It was amazing - I wasn't surprised at all. It exceeded my expectations but I knew it would!
 I love my job as Distributor for It Works ... I love my fun online store where people can buy just what they want or even sign up to join me as a DT. It's a place of hope for a healthier body or healthy financial life. Our products are natural, botanically-based wonders! The compensation plan is terrific and with work and determination a person can make good money. One can actually be paid fairly for the amount of dedication they show up with. I can live with that.
Here is some photos of our experience ...

like it says here: i went to boost my business ;)
this is our bigger team - nikki is with her husband, ryan in the front right - she is a great diamond leader!!
this is my more immediate team - that is britt in the very front - a best friend of my daughter's and like another daughter to me - family all the way

There will be more on this soon ... 
Hope your day is wonderful!!


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