Saturday, February 21, 2015

50 Shades - No Way!! or #NoGreyNoWay

It won't go away ... these reactions to a controversial movie that is out there right now are rampant. I am reminded how God can take circumstances and work them to His glory. True love His Way cannot be denied - it is the antithesis of what is portrayed in this film. In my own life I reacted by counting my blessings. As a Valentine's Day gift to my own true love I wrote the note How Do I Love Thee  - I admit it was in response to the movie that is out there now. I admit as well that I have not seen the film. I won't see it and I also refuse to read the book. Some have said don't judge it if you haven't read it or seen it. Some are justifying the movie with the thought we can learn from the mistakes of others. My stand is that I don't need to be in the middle of a story via a book or a movie to realize what is good behavior vs. sick behavior. I know I want to remain pure - in thought, in actions and in motives. I don't need my heart and mind cluttered with what some call 'mommy-porn', sick romance or feelings of desperation. I don't need to see lustful, hurtful, demeaning behavior be glamorized in order to know what real love it.
God's word is clear about what love between a man and a woman is. I know the Father Creator who gave us love, also gave me all the teachings on how to love and be loved. Marriage is a wonderful, beautiful part of life - all the anticipation and romance that goes into courtship should be honorable. 

I love being a woman who is loved by a man of God
... by someone
who desires my very best. 
Each of you are worthy to be treated this way. 
Never accept less.

 A movement has been started ... you can watch this video and see what it is all about. After viewing it you might also want to see #NoGreyNoWay - A Message From The Men ... these small videos are truth, they're powerful - won't you share? Be a part of teaching young men how to treat a lady. Be a part of a movement that reiterates to young girls that they are to be cherished and respected.

I will go ahead and share a little something that came to mind as I wrote this ... in my previous note I shared the dream board for my life ... one of the dreams hubby and I have is to help in the plight of human trafficking. So many young boys and girls are forced into sex trade .... made slaves by those sick people who have to rule it over someone to find 'satisfaction' in life. Nobody in their right frame of mind sees trafficking of humans as glamorous. No one, as a little boy or girl, dreams of someday growing up and becoming some one's victim. So, when you do have a choice do NOT enter into or stay in a relationship where you are a victim. Do not ever rationalize that it is your job to 'fix' that person. You are not their savior, Jesus has already taken on that role.
Recognize and delight in your own self worth and choose to be free - not enslaved by the manipulations of someone else.  Seek counseling. Talk to those around you who value you as a person and let them help you.

Friday, February 20, 2015

This My Why(s) for It Works!!

First, a word of introduction:  I am Robin: I am 59 years young, have been married 36 years, I’m Mom to 4 adult kids (and blessed with 2 great son-in-laws), and am Grammy to the 3 most beautiful girlies in the whole entire world. :)  I’ve followed this man of my dreams from State to State and even from Country to Country as he worked as a minister/missionary. I’ve loved the travel and now have friends all over the world! I wouldn’t trade my life for any other. I wouldn’t do any of it different. It’s truly been abundant in love and experiences worth more than any amount of gold or silver. However, a negative concerning our life is that we have sometimes sacrificed financially to live these dreams. In fact, as of right now, we’re in what used to be labeled “good debt” - you know, as opposed to “frivolous debt”. Of course, the best kind of debt is NO DEBT. And furthermore, we are approaching retirement years for which we have accumulated very little. So, I have a gigantic “WHY” – to get us out of debt and prepare for the future like never before! I want a residual income. I want to work from home. I want to be a part of a company that I can stand behind of and be proud of what they offer and represent as a whole. I want to work with a company where I don’t have to hide my Christianity.
So - get out of debt ... G.O.O.D.
But, I have a Dream Board  too - there are so many cool things on my dream board ... here are some pics of it

I’m glad to be here – happy to be a part of the It Works! Community and would love to have you on my team!
Message me on my Facebook Business Page.


Friday, February 13, 2015

How Do I Love You? Let Me Count 50 Ways …

I love you for loving me across the years of 36 Valentines Days
I love you for being a man of God
I love you for asking me to be your 'one and only' for a day ... and then, for a lifetime
I love you for trusting me to be the mother of your children
I love you for respecting me enough to be your partner in making major decisions
I love you for following God's example in loving others
  • for loving me as Christ loves the church, His bride
I love you for making it easier to submit to you like I should
  • I love you for being someone I can respect
  • I love that your prayers are not hindered and ...
I sincerely love you for the way you pray for me – every day is easier because of it
I love you for praying for our children by name day by day – your Daddy-love for them is so strong and beautiful
- and for praying for our grand-baby girls
I love you for the way you pray for the needy, downtrodden, sad, persecuted – for all those people so many of us never think of, much less lift up before the Father
I love you for the way you take me as I am and make me feel good about myself - you have always seen me as better than I am
I love you for the way you just plain, flat-out believe that I can do amazing things
I love your compliments … for my cooking, for my writings, for my art!!
I love that you told me I was never, ever a disappointment to you – how sweet ... it was exactly what I needed 'that' day
I love that we can rejoice together!!
I love that you love tacos as much as me
I love that you love to read just as much as me
I love that you love the wonders of nature and want to share that with me
I love you for being truly in love with God's Word
I love that you love to go hiking with me – or on a walk anywhere and that we can hold hands (or not) and feel like 'one'
I love you for sharing memories with me – for those times we re-live our life
  • for believing I was a strong enough woman to take on the mission field when you felt God's calling to your heart - wow! that's a biggie!!
I love you for taking me on the adventure of living in Banfield, Argentina
  • I love that you stuck with me even when it wasn't easy
  • I love you for the adventures you took me and my babies on - wandering all over that beautiful country in amazement (and in Spanish)
I love you for believing I was courageous enough to live in Africa the first time around
  • and loved it enough to go at it a second time around ... we lived in Africa!! how cool is that??
  • I love you for all our small, memorable trips here and there within Nigeria –
  • and I love you for making our Honduras adventures outstanding!
I love you for loving people enough to share the gospel with them
  • here (at home) and there (across the miles)
  • I love that teaching the Word is a way of life for you
I love you for our kisses every morning before you go out the door
I love you for reading out loud to me
I love you for asking me to watch beautiful videos (like last night!)
  • and also, corny, hilarious ones that make us laugh out loud
I love you for watching sappy, sweet movies with me and amazing inspirational ones too!
I love you for being strong for me during our deeply sad moments of life … there's been too many
and, I love how you make me happy and fill me with joy ... for just being your wife
I love your laughter – you are so cute when you laugh really hard and so precious to me when you cry
I love you for loving me even when I'm unlovable
  • I love you for accepting my apologies
I love you for your leadership
  • I love you for your humility
I love that you love me like this - this way that delights my soul
and I love you for loving me like that – so noble and pure.

50 ways and I have hardly begun …
I love you forever and day. 
36 years and counting ... forever love


Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Do I See?

I was inspired by Jessi's note to go ahead and write one of my own -
See - this word puts me in mind of a book I read yesterday to kids. Well, it seems like only yesterday - it goes like this: I Look Out My Window and What Do I See? - that's the first line on every other page and then it goes on to say what the little one sees... the book was a favorite of all 4 kids and I read it to them like a gazillion times.
So, it wasn't yesterday - it was like a million years ago or maybe 15 or 16. Where did the time go? Now Jake is out of the nest too and I guess when I find the book again I'll be reading it to the grandbabies.
In my own head I've re-worded the book lots of times - and I take time to look out my window and count blessings I see - like the clouds  - oh my, they can be breath-taking and there's loads of trees on the hills in the distance and then, and directly beside our home is a pasture with the coolest looking cows.
I count the blessings of what is here instead of what's not here. I count them to remind myself that life is still pretty good even if a vital part of it is missing.
I miss you Jacob, so so much but it's okay - it'd be pretty sad if I didn't huh?
There'll be no moon tonight like is in the original story ... just clouds and clouds galore.
And fyi ... if you've never read this book to your own kiddos or grands well, then, you are just plain missing out on fun! 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Double Effort

There's not a whole lot of times in life when I've been called on to Double my Effort in an endeavor. I guess the times that do come to mind are when I was in college and it was crunch times near the end of the semester, or it was when we, as a couple, doubled the effort in raising funds either for ourselves on the mission field or for a special project we were overseeing. You may have your own moments like - sometimes it is in training for a athletic event ... you know, in preparation for a 1/2 marathon for example. You probably have those times, like me, when you need to meet a deadline - maybe happily struggling to finish up home-made gifts and I sacrifice time and double my effort to get the job done.

Well, you get the picture. That is where It Works has a good number of us these days prior to March 31st. We are at the point of Doubling our Effort. It's a good place to be. I am thrilled with the challenge. I know it's not easy to accept a challenge like this and I imagine I will be stretched in any number of ways. Unfortunately, it hasn't been easy thus far. Because of this and that I ended up with detours in my path - but in one way I guess that is to be expected.
Okay so this is how it came about ...
Like I mentioned in a previous note, my daughter, Janna, and I went to Conference - Limelite 2015 in Orlando ... it was great!! We stayed in a lovely place with super people who are like-minded in our goals over the next few weeks. That was a good thing - we talked 'shop' and were encouraged to be and do our very best. It was so neat to share the energy of the event - and the energy was Amazing!!!
Every morning we walked to the Conference Center from our Condos ... there were about 20-30 of us the first morning ... the next 2 mornings we straggled in separately.

Our own Ambassador Diamonds - Blair and Melody McFarlane came by and spent some time with us - they were some precious moments.
There were 15,000 of us gathered here - very loud at times, always upbeat and so much FUN!!
There were so many teaser screens ... just didn't know what surprise would come next.

We are known for our easy 3-steps to success and now have a new and better Step 3

Complete with a bonus - super-duper!! Now, Ruby isn't new at all - it is just being granted the respect it is due!!
Mark Pentecost is our full-of-surprises CEO
Totally wonderful ... he is doubling our GOOD Bonuses ... Unbelievable!!
And so, I am shooting for first-time Diamond by March 31st!!
What that takes is basically three Rubies or, one Ruby and 
One Emerald (made up of 2 Rubies)  underneath me ... 
in simple chart form it's like this:
It won't come easy but it will be worth the Double Effort I put into it!! 
A lot goes into making this happen - we have simple steps like "Blitz, Wrap, Repeat" ... and we're all learning social media skills by one of the best teachers ever - John-Erik Moseler - he is terrific.  Plus, there are 'parties' and spa nights ... all so very, very fun!
I may 'own my own business' but I am not alone! We have support and accountability groups online - and well, it's just like family. One of our biggest sayings is true ... One Team One Mission - or OTOM.

I am a normal, but wonderful person - a Wife, Mom and Grandma ... I believe in Network Marketing and I believe in It Works and in myself. I am looking for other Moms and Grandmas to join my team ... if you've been watching me and are curious about what I do, please, shoot me a message. You can do this - you deserve to do this. It takes work, dedication and faith but the rewards are tremendous.

Here's my Facebook Business Page and 
this is my official storefront website ...Robin Lynn Wraps
 stop by and take a look around! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love the Little Ones

I sure do love the little ones in our family but it seems our times together are few and far between. Whether for school issues or sickness we've not had 'stay-overs' like I'm used to. I miss them filling up our home!! However, this past Saturday I was blessed with uninterrupted hours with these girlies who are grand!! (Daddy and Mommy had gone out of town for the evening - so, we were 'in charge')
It was bright and lovely so we spent some great time outdoors! Little one #2 decided to push #3 on her trike ... hard work!

#3 loves to play in dirt, sand, or gravel!!
#1 loves that streamline scooter ... man, she can go!!

Yes, we switched trike for stroller ... and all was well. Except, #3 got in and out, in and out - are we surprised?
the hair!! just the right length to sort of sport a new look - you gotta love that tail!!
Uncle means books in the mix ... and of course #1 has to take her time to read out loud ... growing up too fast!
Of course Poppy came over too! Cozy, comfy and fun times!! The very best in life.

Art work ... with an audience.
For Poppy - of course!!
It's true - I love my role in life and I guess being a Grammy is one of the very best things there is! I love the time spent with the little ones in our family and if they are sometimes few and far between - well, that means they are all the brighter when we're in the middle of them!

FYI - we do go to the same church so, we see the family at least 2 times per week ... and you know what? that is one of biggest blessings ever!! ... On the Lord's day ... sharing a Faith that brings us together in praising our Father God, remembering our Savior and knowing each of us live daily filled with the Spirit and his guidance in this journey we call life. Ah, there's beauty in that!

But, you know, family times shared in one or the other's homes ... now they are pure gold!!
Oh my! it is a rewarding life! but I know too, that day by day it is my choice to make it so!!