Saturday, February 21, 2015

50 Shades - No Way!! or #NoGreyNoWay

It won't go away ... these reactions to a controversial movie that is out there right now are rampant. I am reminded how God can take circumstances and work them to His glory. True love His Way cannot be denied - it is the antithesis of what is portrayed in this film. In my own life I reacted by counting my blessings. As a Valentine's Day gift to my own true love I wrote the note How Do I Love Thee  - I admit it was in response to the movie that is out there now. I admit as well that I have not seen the film. I won't see it and I also refuse to read the book. Some have said don't judge it if you haven't read it or seen it. Some are justifying the movie with the thought we can learn from the mistakes of others. My stand is that I don't need to be in the middle of a story via a book or a movie to realize what is good behavior vs. sick behavior. I know I want to remain pure - in thought, in actions and in motives. I don't need my heart and mind cluttered with what some call 'mommy-porn', sick romance or feelings of desperation. I don't need to see lustful, hurtful, demeaning behavior be glamorized in order to know what real love it.
God's word is clear about what love between a man and a woman is. I know the Father Creator who gave us love, also gave me all the teachings on how to love and be loved. Marriage is a wonderful, beautiful part of life - all the anticipation and romance that goes into courtship should be honorable. 

I love being a woman who is loved by a man of God
... by someone
who desires my very best. 
Each of you are worthy to be treated this way. 
Never accept less.

 A movement has been started ... you can watch this video and see what it is all about. After viewing it you might also want to see #NoGreyNoWay - A Message From The Men ... these small videos are truth, they're powerful - won't you share? Be a part of teaching young men how to treat a lady. Be a part of a movement that reiterates to young girls that they are to be cherished and respected.

I will go ahead and share a little something that came to mind as I wrote this ... in my previous note I shared the dream board for my life ... one of the dreams hubby and I have is to help in the plight of human trafficking. So many young boys and girls are forced into sex trade .... made slaves by those sick people who have to rule it over someone to find 'satisfaction' in life. Nobody in their right frame of mind sees trafficking of humans as glamorous. No one, as a little boy or girl, dreams of someday growing up and becoming some one's victim. So, when you do have a choice do NOT enter into or stay in a relationship where you are a victim. Do not ever rationalize that it is your job to 'fix' that person. You are not their savior, Jesus has already taken on that role.
Recognize and delight in your own self worth and choose to be free - not enslaved by the manipulations of someone else.  Seek counseling. Talk to those around you who value you as a person and let them help you.

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