Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Double Effort

There's not a whole lot of times in life when I've been called on to Double my Effort in an endeavor. I guess the times that do come to mind are when I was in college and it was crunch times near the end of the semester, or it was when we, as a couple, doubled the effort in raising funds either for ourselves on the mission field or for a special project we were overseeing. You may have your own moments like - sometimes it is in training for a athletic event ... you know, in preparation for a 1/2 marathon for example. You probably have those times, like me, when you need to meet a deadline - maybe happily struggling to finish up home-made gifts and I sacrifice time and double my effort to get the job done.

Well, you get the picture. That is where It Works has a good number of us these days prior to March 31st. We are at the point of Doubling our Effort. It's a good place to be. I am thrilled with the challenge. I know it's not easy to accept a challenge like this and I imagine I will be stretched in any number of ways. Unfortunately, it hasn't been easy thus far. Because of this and that I ended up with detours in my path - but in one way I guess that is to be expected.
Okay so this is how it came about ...
Like I mentioned in a previous note, my daughter, Janna, and I went to Conference - Limelite 2015 in Orlando ... it was great!! We stayed in a lovely place with super people who are like-minded in our goals over the next few weeks. That was a good thing - we talked 'shop' and were encouraged to be and do our very best. It was so neat to share the energy of the event - and the energy was Amazing!!!
Every morning we walked to the Conference Center from our Condos ... there were about 20-30 of us the first morning ... the next 2 mornings we straggled in separately.

Our own Ambassador Diamonds - Blair and Melody McFarlane came by and spent some time with us - they were some precious moments.
There were 15,000 of us gathered here - very loud at times, always upbeat and so much FUN!!
There were so many teaser screens ... just didn't know what surprise would come next.

We are known for our easy 3-steps to success and now have a new and better Step 3

Complete with a bonus - super-duper!! Now, Ruby isn't new at all - it is just being granted the respect it is due!!
Mark Pentecost is our full-of-surprises CEO
Totally wonderful ... he is doubling our GOOD Bonuses ... Unbelievable!!
And so, I am shooting for first-time Diamond by March 31st!!
What that takes is basically three Rubies or, one Ruby and 
One Emerald (made up of 2 Rubies)  underneath me ... 
in simple chart form it's like this:
It won't come easy but it will be worth the Double Effort I put into it!! 
A lot goes into making this happen - we have simple steps like "Blitz, Wrap, Repeat" ... and we're all learning social media skills by one of the best teachers ever - John-Erik Moseler - he is terrific.  Plus, there are 'parties' and spa nights ... all so very, very fun!
I may 'own my own business' but I am not alone! We have support and accountability groups online - and well, it's just like family. One of our biggest sayings is true ... One Team One Mission - or OTOM.

I am a normal, but wonderful person - a Wife, Mom and Grandma ... I believe in Network Marketing and I believe in It Works and in myself. I am looking for other Moms and Grandmas to join my team ... if you've been watching me and are curious about what I do, please, shoot me a message. You can do this - you deserve to do this. It takes work, dedication and faith but the rewards are tremendous.

Here's my Facebook Business Page and 
this is my official storefront website ...Robin Lynn Wraps
 stop by and take a look around! 

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