Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love the Little Ones

I sure do love the little ones in our family but it seems our times together are few and far between. Whether for school issues or sickness we've not had 'stay-overs' like I'm used to. I miss them filling up our home!! However, this past Saturday I was blessed with uninterrupted hours with these girlies who are grand!! (Daddy and Mommy had gone out of town for the evening - so, we were 'in charge')
It was bright and lovely so we spent some great time outdoors! Little one #2 decided to push #3 on her trike ... hard work!

#3 loves to play in dirt, sand, or gravel!!
#1 loves that streamline scooter ... man, she can go!!

Yes, we switched trike for stroller ... and all was well. Except, #3 got in and out, in and out - are we surprised?
the hair!! just the right length to sort of sport a new look - you gotta love that tail!!
Uncle means books in the mix ... and of course #1 has to take her time to read out loud ... growing up too fast!
Of course Poppy came over too! Cozy, comfy and fun times!! The very best in life.

Art work ... with an audience.
For Poppy - of course!!
It's true - I love my role in life and I guess being a Grammy is one of the very best things there is! I love the time spent with the little ones in our family and if they are sometimes few and far between - well, that means they are all the brighter when we're in the middle of them!

FYI - we do go to the same church so, we see the family at least 2 times per week ... and you know what? that is one of biggest blessings ever!! ... On the Lord's day ... sharing a Faith that brings us together in praising our Father God, remembering our Savior and knowing each of us live daily filled with the Spirit and his guidance in this journey we call life. Ah, there's beauty in that!

But, you know, family times shared in one or the other's homes ... now they are pure gold!!
Oh my! it is a rewarding life! but I know too, that day by day it is my choice to make it so!!


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