Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Do I See?

I was inspired by Jessi's note to go ahead and write one of my own -
See - this word puts me in mind of a book I read yesterday to kids. Well, it seems like only yesterday - it goes like this: I Look Out My Window and What Do I See? - that's the first line on every other page and then it goes on to say what the little one sees... the book was a favorite of all 4 kids and I read it to them like a gazillion times.
So, it wasn't yesterday - it was like a million years ago or maybe 15 or 16. Where did the time go? Now Jake is out of the nest too and I guess when I find the book again I'll be reading it to the grandbabies.
In my own head I've re-worded the book lots of times - and I take time to look out my window and count blessings I see - like the clouds  - oh my, they can be breath-taking and there's loads of trees on the hills in the distance and then, and directly beside our home is a pasture with the coolest looking cows.
I count the blessings of what is here instead of what's not here. I count them to remind myself that life is still pretty good even if a vital part of it is missing.
I miss you Jacob, so so much but it's okay - it'd be pretty sad if I didn't huh?
There'll be no moon tonight like is in the original story ... just clouds and clouds galore.
And fyi ... if you've never read this book to your own kiddos or grands well, then, you are just plain missing out on fun! 


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