Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Climb Till Your Dreams Come True!

Well, here we are in the last week of the month of April. I can't say that I'm exactly thrilled with where I am right now with my business but I can say that I've learned quite a few things this month and that causes me to not feel so bad. Some people call these "aha!" moments. 
  • Business wise I've learned that I really need to gather some more eggs into my basket. One of the few folks that I thought was faithful and true ended up not reneging on the company itself, but changing from distributor to customer which changes my game plan for sure. And it changes the game not just for me, but for the people in my upline who were depending on me. I am determined that this will never happen again – I truly truly hate letting people down who were counting on me. And so I've decided to be braver, or more courageous in my approach, in my interactions, and in who I'm reaching out to. Yes, it could be daunting, but instead I will consider it rather exciting!
  • Product wise, I have really learned the value of a few of my products. For example, our Greens! I shared our own 'private' stash with more than one person this month which meant for myself and my husband we ran out! Oh no! Sluggish is the only word I have for how I felt without taking my Greens daily! A big reason I needed the Greens was because we had so much rain, and I think I'm allergic to it! Truly, my emotions go into a downswing if I'm in the middle of persistent dreariness. Maybe that's because my early years were spent in sunny California and Idaho so, from early on, I was nurtured on sunshine. So lesson learned, from now on I buy a large container of Greens and make sure I have enough for my husband plus myself  ...and a friend or two if I need to share.

But, I also learned something else about myself –
  • I have hiked enough trails to realize that no matter how hard it is going up, that the view from the top is generally gorgeous and more than worth the effort. Sometimes the effort of the climb is really hard - that's when you appreciate a word of advice, or even a hand-up over a rough step or two. And there are those moments when all you need is a word of encouragement from someone ahead of you. consistently putting one foot ahead of the other is what keeps you going uphill. Also, having faith in your own stamina and stick-to-it attitude. And so, that's how I'm treating this business and the wonderful thing is, the views along the way are pretty dad-gum glorious!

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