Thursday, April 30, 2015

Precious Friend

I have a good friend, her name is Ann. We do fun things together like pick strawberries, or cut bamboo for my garden in the spring time – pure joy. She likes to give me things, in fact, if I go to her house I can hardly ever leave without something in my hand - maybe a jar of jam from the freezer or a bag of chips or a plant cutting - she's just like that ... sweet, unselfish, and giving. 
When I started my it Works business she was my first fan I mean sincere fan. She was excited for me. She was my second customer - and has tried my Wraps more than once - we've shared some giggling times. She has stayed with me through everything. She told me as long as I'm in it, she's in it – and that's her way of support and showing her faith in me. 
She's not on Facebook, Instagram and doesn't 'do' blogs so she won't even see this but I tell you what, it does a woman's heart good to have a steady friend like that and after I ate her homemade BlackBerry (appropriate autocorrect 😉) jam on toast this morning, well, I was kind of overcome with love for her and just wanted to share this feeling of gratitude. 
This joy, these sweet emotions - it's wallowing in abundance of the best kind!! ;)
Last year haul of strawberries!

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