Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Challenges out of the Comfort Zones

Hope your Tuesday is terrific for you. Mine?… Well, I have ventured into the land away from the comfort zone and as always, found it wasn't so bad after. You see, making videos is not my thing but I am determined to have fun with the next 19 - eeeeekkkk!!!!! Seriously, I really, really appreciate where I am headed in life right now and the people I get to work closely with are pretty doggone fabulous. I don't believe I have ever had a dull moment and with the encouragement of my hubby and kids, well,  life is just going to keep getting better. This is the first of the 20 day video challenge given to our team by our lovely and fearless leader, Brittany. Now this girl, she's got this down and she expects the rest of us to follow suit. Yeah, right, she's a stunning one. At my daughter Janna's prompting I took on the challenge – she has fun with this kind of stuff, too. 

That's Britt out in front and some of us who to whom she has issued this challenge.


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