Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Book vs Facebook

A little while ago I saw a post on someone's page that said to spend more time in God's book than Facebook. Good thought. I start my day in the Word but many don't I'm sure, in fact, I bet loads of folks check FB before anything else in the mornings; hmmm ....
Well, I love Facebook but too, I have such a positive upbeat page and newsfeed - it's a joy to hang out there! and my Facebook friends are from all walks of life and all over the world. I have had remarks from others about how they look forward to my postings, how I have encouraged them, how they have followed our marriage ... and when I am missing a couple of days I get notices, and you know what, I am encouraged and inspired by my FB family... in fact, one young man stands out - he posts scripture and they are always 'on spot' - if he's not around for awhile, I check on him ... all this to say - sure,
  • Be careful on FB - don't let it become your idol - we can let so many things get in the way of us and a closer walk with the Lord. For some it is sports, for others it is their jobs, still others it is shopping ... we can let anything take precedence or priority in wrong ways. 
  • Be careful on FB - don't let it become your venting of negativity and thus harm your marriage or your family or friends. Facebook can poison lives sure as shooting an arrow through someone's heart. 
  • Be careful on FB for your marriage sake - your spouse should have easy access to your passwords and be able to come and go freely in your messages. Never use FB to get in touch with ANYONE from your past that you wouldn't have sitting at your table in a family meal ... or who your spouse is uncomfortable about. Your spouse is ALWAYS #1. 
I love FB and for me and my work from home business it is a means of networking for myself - for teamwork and marketing. I am swamped with positivity and goodness. I seek those out of like-minded faith. I pray over so many of my FB friends and I know they are praying for me. Some people I know use FB as sort of a ministry - of inspiration, of education, of light!
Use wisdom, balance, and integrity in all your posting and in what you read and share. Be aware of the source before you share something.
Live on FB as if Jesus himself was in the middle of mix.
  • Be responsible 
  • Let your light shine 
  • Be salt 
  • Celebrate Jesus 


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