Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Milestone August

I hit a milestone this August - I entered my sixth decade. Whew!! I feel like I am still a young spring chicken and don't really know if I'll e.v.e.r. feel "old". I love my life ... it's truly been one adventure after another alongside my husband of over thirty-six years. Being married is a very good thing. So, I love my age too.... gulp, it's a little difficult shouting from the highest mountain than I'm 60 years old  young, but seriously, which year or years would I eliminate in order to be younger?? no!! I'll take this 60 years with all the love, joy, romance, heartache, thrills, pain, excitement and pure wonderfulness that has filled them up! They're mine and I claim ownership.
One of the other delights of the summer was some hikes we did with the kids - now, rest assured, we don't do HARD hikes .... but they do show that we have a little stamina and endurance left in us. ;)  Elk Knob State Park, NC; Stone Mountain, NC and Grayson Highlands VA ... we love each of these places. Actually, our whole family is just State Park enthusiasts. God's magnificent creation is a part of what refreshes our souls.
Truly, life is good, and God is great. And he is awesome. And merciful. 
and I am Woman ... truly blessed and highly favored.


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