Monday, November 2, 2015

Days of a Gratitude Adventure

Yesterday, November 1st, was so busy ... and actually, every Sunday is rather busy at our house but, I truly had no time for Social Media ... aside from two very early posts.
So anyway, let it be noted that I am joining in this adventure ...
feeling grateful everyday this month ... in a purposeful, designed way. And everyone that knows me at all knows that I love to celebrate.
 So, I posted yesterday that I am SO thankful for God's Word ...
I am!! Every single day I strive to spend time in the Bible and gain something in order to live my life in a more giving way and of course, just to have strength in the journey.
Good morning...
another day and am truly and sincerely,
Thankful for "the two of us"
.... my marriage to Lowell makes every day a day full of promise, hope, love, adventure, joy and the best companionship
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And ... I get to share in the yumminess of good eats.

All this month will be filled with gratitude ... and honestly, whether it's November or another month of the year, I count myself as a pretty grateful person - how about you?

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