Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Have a Little Confidence in Yourself!

So, I guess you see I have a section titled Robin Wraps ... because this is what I do ... I am a Distributor for It Works and really do love and use the products. I'd be happy to share them with you. There's truly so many that I use and I am enamored by the fact that they coincide with my own philosophy on life ... plant based goodness that complements how you take care of yourself when adopting a healthy lifestyle. 
For example, this Confianza (which is confidence in Spanish)  - well, I take it daily - it helps me stay focused and on task. I know at my age I shouldn't have difficulty with that but I think it's because the more years you have on you, the more stuff there is to be distracted by!!

And then there's this - when you become a part of It Works you are invited to participate in a life that incorporates Dreams. These are the stuff life is made of ... if a person has no dreams then they may as well resign themselves to a life of just getting by and I want more than that. 
I don't know about you but I love team-work. There's magic when a group pulls together to get a job done, or win a game in sports, or some kind of scholastic endeavor ... it's just the coolest thing when every one does there part and it all unfolds to victory!!
How about you? Do still have some dreams to see come true? Have you ever dreamed of being on a winning team?
I'll share a little about that the next time around.


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