Monday, November 16, 2015

These Days of November

I love the month of November!!
Our company (It Works) is pushing an adventure - which is the normal for us! We truly are always participating in new life adventures and it keeps us FUN for sure!! #GratitudeAdventure has been humbling, exciting, and rich. For me these days of November always put me in a state of gratitude ... however, that is a place I am comfortable with. Having lived in countries and loving folks that have so much less than I has caused me to live in a state of not taking life for granted. An attitude of gratitude leads to a joyful frame of mind. BTW, we're on day #16!!

I am a grateful person ... for some things that most here in the good ol' USA just take for granted. Let's take water for example. I am so thankful for hot water that comes to me in the shower, at the sink in my kitchen and I consider them real every day specific material/physical blessings. I'm pretty careful about water. For example, it's not uncommon that I re-use my rinse water from washing dishes - for the next batch of washing water. That's just a hold-over from those years.
So. that brings me to our dream board and one of our many goals - that is to totally fund  drilling a well in village that needs it.
I love that I still have dreams I get to work towards!!
 When we fund this future well, we also hope to go and visit the village ... makes me smile to even think about it!! Our goal is to do this anonymously ... just be 'on hand' when it happens!!
I love having dreams to aspire to. I am so thankful that I have a husband that includes this goal in our daily prayers. We know that all things are possible when we seek his guidance and are filled with his strength. 

Let the loveliness of my Lord, my God rest on me, confirming the work that I do. Oh, yes. Affirming the work that I do! 
Ecclesiastes 3:13  



  1. Yes, I am always thankful for hot water. Sometimes I don't have it because of our large family and our small water heater. Good cause!

    1. Hello Jenifer - yep, when we had the crowd here over the holidays it was a struggle - welcomed one though!
      How are you!! It is so good for you to stop by!