Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This Magical Time of Year

I don't know about you but I am pretty much in love with this magical time of year. I love celebrating special occasions and believe life is so rich when we have fun with family and friends. 
BOOM - Halloween - Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Year's Day - Valentine's Day
So, we just finished up those weeks of anticipation and then the fulfillment of the crazy day of Halloween ... and then next up is my very, very favorite - Thanksgiving!!
But, here I go again sharing something in hindsight ... you know, I just didn't make time before but want you to know I had fun the month of October. I may not have my own little ones any longer but I sure do enjoy my grands!! And pumpkins and autumn crafts!!

Some good Christian folks are anti-Halloween - I get it, but in a minute I will share a good perspective on this haunted holiday. We're rarely home that evening and live in the country so, not much participation from our doorstep.
However, traditionally, our little home congregation will 'put on' a Halloween event. This year we had over 200 kids come through the fellowship hall seeing 12 stories (manned stations with candy) from the Bible come to life and also, received their treats with smiles!!  And we have friends who live up on a hill in town and they get over 300 kids who come to their door - the couple stands on their porch at a table and hand out candy, Bible coloring sheets, studies and invitations to church activities.
So, here it is - God, Frankensteins and More  - it's rather lovely if I do say so myself - and truly Christ-like generosity is never out of place in this dark world!!


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