Monday, December 14, 2015

You Are the Author of Your Life

Are you stuck? Okay, this is an analogy here and maybe it'll make more sense to those out there who actually love to read a book ... but for everyone, I think it should resonate with a little truth.
When I'm reading a book .... sometimes I can get a little upset with the story! I hate when someone does another person wrong, or I'm like, No! that isn't how it should be! or, maybe story drags out, gets a little boring and I'm like - get it over with already!!
Well, guess what? We are writing our own story every single day. We are our own main character - in all of our amazing roles! If we don't like where we've been, or where we're headed, we can change course. We can write a most amazing plot twist and totally re-direct the outcome! We select the characters - their role and our response to them; we choose the scenery; the mood - how dramatic or peaceful it will be; we choose the colorful adjectives that describe the unfolding of it ... in fact, we can dictate the progress and outcome of every chapter! That's not to say we can control life and all it's ups and downs, but we can control our reactions and dialog. We bring brilliance to the drab. We discover solutions to trying problems. Choose exciting over boring. Or peace instead of conflict. It's not easy to create a masterpiece - it can be draining even. But, with hard work, ethical practices, a support system of quality characters, a dynamic story is in the making ... and wow! watch out ... it can truly be magnificent!
Probably the best advice I have to give anyone who desires to create a masterpiece with their own life is to seek out the source of all Wisdom - God the Father - who is truly the Author and Finisher of our best selves. His Word = the greatest Love Story ever told.

The first step is to stop re-reading the last chapter - move forward with exuberance and trust that the best is yet to come.
Your story, one of a kind, unique, and valuable.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Goodness - the business kind

I actually love doing business with my business - catching up with customers, gaining new ones, searching for and adding teammates ... and, joy of joys, I love our products and find it just wonderful to use them with confidence and feel healthier.
It Works has dedicated itself to producing life-changing products that work so well you can truly be amazed at the results! The It Works Way of formulation is actually based on a philosophy of integrity ... THREE-POINT FORMULATION:
  1. Cutting-Edge Research - It all starts with innovative research and product development. We work with industry experts.
  2.  Natural Ingredients - We are dedicated to using naturally occurring ingredients and botanicals in our product formulations - it starts with the source and goes through the production process. 
  3. Product Synergy - The products are designed to work together!! 
I love this about our company too - that although we offer a good number of cosmetic products that help a person look and feel their best on the outside - like tightening, toning and firming with our Crazy Wrap, or helping one look and feel younger with our amazing skin care line ... well, we are all about taking care of the whole person. A healthy lifestyle is what we encourage - drinking plenty of water, eating right and exercise.
So, for me this is great news! At my age, I really appreciate all the natural help I can get. I use so many of these plant based supplements and the wonderful skin-care line myself. Let me tell you about a couple of my favorites! Their nickname (not official) is the .... Dynamic Duo ... well, because for me and many others, they have dynamic results!!

I use FatFighters as needed - you see they actually block some of the fats and carbs when I eat an occasional cheat meal ... or biggie cheat snack! Like in these days of holidays when there's an abundance of desserts! or, for me more likely, that extra helping of mashed potatoes and gravy or dressing with and cranberries - yes, I ate more than my fill!! 
ThermoFit is one of the best for me and where I am in life right now - you see, I need help with my metabolism. It used to be that I couldn't keep pounds on ... I'd get busy, forget to eat, and just lose weight! That's not me anymore. I don't burn calories like I used to - so, this 'fires up' my metabolism. Seriously! And for those exercise moments, like a brisk walk or a busy time of blessing my house - yes, I utilize taking two ThermoFit about 30 minutes before exercising!
And there you have it! Just a little of the Goodness that I get to be in the middle of on a daily basis!!
Yep, I love what I do!
You can find out more specific information on my website at Robin Lynn Wraps ...
And also, above on this blog page is the static page for Robin Wraps.
Check us out and be impressed!!

Goodness - the family kind

Sometimes I look at where I am in life and just pause to wonder ...
  • how did I get here
  • where did the time go
  • what do I still want/need to do
  • who really matters 
  • when am I going to get 'it' all done
  • why am I here ... on this earth, in this family, on this blog
I'm pretty happy about the answers to all those questions - I basically have lived a full life with insane and glorious adventures and I am so happily, and peacefully married. Our four adult children and their loved ones are so wonderful. Our three grandbabygirls are the most amazing alive!!  I truly count myself as blessed and highly favored.
All is not perfect in my world though and I have challenged myself to read and practice being more like the woman of Proverbs 31 this month of December. My goals are to really apply myself to my business in ways that I've not done before. Also, I ache to be artistic again so, am going to utilize my upstairs studio for gifts. And, I am determined to lose, not gain weight over these next few weeks of divine food!! At my age, putting on the pounds is pretty easy! I am after all, 60 years young now. ;) ... I still find that amusing. Where did all those years go? When folks say they still feel young at heart, I really truly get it! I feel like a kid most of the time.
So, I am still working on answering those questions, but all in all - I'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and carry on. Well, let's amend that - how about a one-step, two-step and dance a little jig?!?! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Think about progress in any aspect of your life. Friendships, marriage, schooling, your career ... even something like planning a party for your family. You get out of it what you put into it. You prepare, dedicate time and effort and it pays off - quality time with friends, a marriage you can count on, excellent grades on your exams, promotions and/or joy from your work - even a super party enjoyed by all.
But if you're not consistent, don't apply yourself, your results won't be consistent or even there at all.
When you decide you need a life change and invest money and time into something, why do you not commit?
  • Did it not go EXACTLY as you planned? 
  • Were you not rich overnight? 
  • Over a month? 
  • Over 6 months? 
  • Did you really think that slow progress meant failure? 
  • Did you really put in the effort needed to actually change your life? 
If you're not growing yourself as an individual, a leader, a friend, then how do you expect any changes? Maybe taking a step back and reevaluating your "why" is something you should do .... look at why you initially invested in something to change your life - it could change your perspective. 
It's never too late to move forward. 
It's never too late to start over again.