Monday, December 14, 2015

You Are the Author of Your Life

Are you stuck? Okay, this is an analogy here and maybe it'll make more sense to those out there who actually love to read a book ... but for everyone, I think it should resonate with a little truth.
When I'm reading a book .... sometimes I can get a little upset with the story! I hate when someone does another person wrong, or I'm like, No! that isn't how it should be! or, maybe story drags out, gets a little boring and I'm like - get it over with already!!
Well, guess what? We are writing our own story every single day. We are our own main character - in all of our amazing roles! If we don't like where we've been, or where we're headed, we can change course. We can write a most amazing plot twist and totally re-direct the outcome! We select the characters - their role and our response to them; we choose the scenery; the mood - how dramatic or peaceful it will be; we choose the colorful adjectives that describe the unfolding of it ... in fact, we can dictate the progress and outcome of every chapter! That's not to say we can control life and all it's ups and downs, but we can control our reactions and dialog. We bring brilliance to the drab. We discover solutions to trying problems. Choose exciting over boring. Or peace instead of conflict. It's not easy to create a masterpiece - it can be draining even. But, with hard work, ethical practices, a support system of quality characters, a dynamic story is in the making ... and wow! watch out ... it can truly be magnificent!
Probably the best advice I have to give anyone who desires to create a masterpiece with their own life is to seek out the source of all Wisdom - God the Father - who is truly the Author and Finisher of our best selves. His Word = the greatest Love Story ever told.

The first step is to stop re-reading the last chapter - move forward with exuberance and trust that the best is yet to come.
Your story, one of a kind, unique, and valuable.


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