Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hero to Servant Leader

 Let me preface this post by saying I will be doing a series of true stories from It Works. So, here is the first of many to come....
***True Story***
You know what?
One of the 346,214,000 things I really love about It Works is that anyone, guy or gal, single or married, young or older (like me) has equal opportunity to be a success!!! If you have the gumption, fortitude, and desire then, you will be compensated. Here's a true story - a hero turned Wrap star.... and considers himself a servant. How cool is this? Hey, guys and gals, I am ready to have you on my team today ... and we'll be writing your "true story" before you know it!!

""My name is Erik and I am a Double Diamond with It Works Global! I want to start my story where it really begins. I'm a retired Army MP and was injured by IEDs in Iraq on September 22, 2005. I met my wife over a year later in October. She is the reason I'm here today for more reasons then I can list. After my retirement in May 2008 we decided to move to Indiana about 30 mins from where my wife grew up. My wife had a great job I was going back to school to train to become a heavy equipment operator- life was going pretty good but something was missing that I thought I would never be able to fine anywhere else... I struggled BAD with PTSD and tried so hard to find the camaraderie that I got to experience when I was enlisted. I thought I could find it through the VFW, going to the VA and doing support groups and finally told myself that it wasn't out there. After getting a job through the union as a operator and not getting enough work I jumped from job to job to help play catchup with all the bills. I struggled because I couldn't find balance or my "place" again. Through all of that my marriage struggled, we began to suffer financially, and it seemed like everything was falling apart!!! We both needed a big reboot. As soon as everything seemed to be at its lowest point with foreclosure on the brink and the idea that bankruptcy in our minds, Amanda found this business. We just knew something had to work and that revisiting the local food pantry every month COULD NOT become our normal. It was up to us and Gods grace to break the cycle we were in. My wife signed me up about a week after she joined back in May of 2014. At first I did all the background jive- laundry, dishes, cleaning and taking care of the kids. Definitely not what I wanted to do but I did what it took. I did as much as I could with what little I knew. I would chat people up at Walmart or in the drive through at Starbucks. It didn't matter where we were I would talk their ear off about this business even though I didn't really know what we had our hands on. In our minds just an extra $500 a month would have saved us from loosing EVERYTHING. So we figured we had nothing to loose. We are horrible at starting things and not finishing them. So we both held each other accountable and pushed each other. This wasn't just the best financial decision we ever made but this business gave Amanda and I a common goal and brought our marriage closer then it has ever been. We knew in our hearts that God brought us to this and He would bring us through it.... having Faith meant turning it all over to Him and trusting the process. So from May 2014 to Jan 2015 I did what I could to help and rode the coat tails of my lovely bride that was working her butt off. I knew I could help and knew more than anything supporting her and this dream would be the best thing I could do for her, for us. Conference January 2015 is when it became my vision too. Mark announced life changing bonuses and it was time to get to work!! Our time was NOW!! For the next several months Amanda didn't sleep at all. At this point I was still working my 9-5 J.O.B. and helping out with what ever I could around the house. But I added little by little to what I contributed to this wrap business. In Jan I took over my own Instagram account and started posting more religiously on Social media. We were working the business together and often times it was working through trial and error. I was great at posting, talking, and getting leads and her strength was closing. Before long we figured out how to do this and this amazing business became OUR business. I was able to finally feel like I belonged to something and I knew this would forever change our lives. I felt passion and excitement -- WORTH! Something I had not felt in a professional way in a very long time. Between the end of January and the end of March we earned 100K in bonuses and at the beginning of April 2015 I was able to come home and be a full time dad!! Something I never even knew was a goal of mine was suddenly my reality!! As an active DT, dad, husband, and servant I have found so much more than I ever thought I was even looking for. I spend my days traveling, charting, holding meetings, doing wrap parties (yes I will do them and actually LOVE them), giving back, and filling in wherever I'm needed. To say this business has changed my life seems so cliche but that's exactly what it has done for me. I am a PROUD CRAZY WRAP GUYand love being on this crazy adventure with Amanda and our girls!!

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