Friday, January 15, 2016

The Things I Love

I love so many, many things in life - one of them is creating. I've said before that I truly believe we are all designed by the heavenly Father to create beauty in our lives. Some folks create great music, others paint, still there's those who can cook an amazing meal from scratch. Oh, I am partial to authors who create written masterpieces for us to read and delight in.
Well, one little thing I delight in is when I take time to visit my craft room or studio ... which I did the first day of this new year. It was a fulfillment of a pact I made with myself to spend quality time in that sacred place this year and fulfill some dreams.
I took five little ones into Robin's Nest to make some fun little Owl Mobiles ... I decided to start simple. We had fun - and even if the results weren't quite like some Pinterest samples I had seen, our outcomes were great!!
Each one of these little ones made three owls ... well, littlest only managed one. We used sticks from the yard and jute string and voila! an owl mobile!!
These precious little ones are the great grandchildren of Clyde and Naomi Moore - my parents. Oh my!! They would have been so very, very proud and tickled pink with how bright, beautiful and brilliant these five kiddos are!! and how they would have adored their Papa and Nana Moore!! 
One day we will spend an eternity loving on each other 
as we praise our eternal King and Creator of all.


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