Friday, January 15, 2016

Treasuring the Time

It is TRUE ... I love what I do as an It Works Distributor!!!
WHY?? well here is reason #346,214,001!!!
Have you ever heard the term stay at home parents? What about full time family? Until I joined ItWorks I had never heard of these in my life. Most families in this society can't even afford to have one parent home, much less two. It is most common for both parents to work and to send young children to daycare.
I post about FREEDOM often in regards to It Works and my dreamboard but not sure if you actually catch what I mean ... this is not just about a random few in our company... Far from it actually! Here are just 8 other families that I've run across on my ItWorks journey who are a "stay-home-family". They humbly share their stories... they are not overnight sensations or win the lottery stories but rather their "by choice, not chance" stories of hard work, determination but as easy as following the Steps to Success over and over again. Not to mention, there are countless other ones throughout the company! This is a small fraction of the FullTime families in ItWorks

This company allows you to dream. To leave a legacy for not only your kids, but your grandkids. (like for us - a Poppy and a Grammy) To work from within your own home - or from anywhere you want - is a dream coming true. We are changing the norm. Breaking down barriers. Bringing Grandpas and Daddies home.Treasuring the time and creating moments day to day that impact the world in positive, wonderful ways ... materially, spiritually, physically ... living a life that shines.
We are the American <3 Dream ! We are It Works !
I honestly would be happy to share with you more about our opportunity and the amazing teamwork it involves - you own your own business, sure, but you are never on your own!


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